20 Spell Components to Discover in a Wizard’s Tower

Wizards use any number of strange items and objects to power their spellcasting and research.

By William McAusland (Outland Arts)

By William McAusland (Outland Arts)


Use the table below, to generate details of spell components the party find while searching a wizard’s tower:

  1. This small pouch contains four packets of coloured sand; red, yellow and blue sand is mixed up in each packet.
  2. A cloying smell hangs about this small, circular tin of beaten bronze. Guano fills the tin.
  3. This small cracked prism gives the user a headache if it is looked through for too long.
  4. Four white and black feathers tied together with twine.
  5. This small packet created from a sheet of heavy parchment and closed with a plain waxen seal holds a small amount of gold dust.
  6. A small drawstring pouch holds a half dozen acorns along with a sprig of holy and several pieces of mistletoe. An included note reads, “Harvested on the summer solstice.”
  7. This heavily padded pouch holds a small crystal sphere completely free of blemish, scratches or other imperfections.
  8. A piece of cloth covered in dried mud.
  9. A small clump of wool impregnated with dried wax.
  10. This tightly-stoppered tiny potion vial holds an ounce or so of blood.
  11. A dozen small jars hold a variety of dried herbs.
  12. A small strip of leather tied in a loop.
  13. This small iron potion vial is labelled, “Dragon Blood.” The vial feels slightly warm to the touch.
  14. This old and worn brass key is tarnished with great age.
  15. Two small clay statuettes depict sitting bloodhounds.
  16. A small silver mirror of fine make lies wrapped in a strip of black velvet.
  17. This neatly folded square of red fabric has a small embroiled spider decorating one corner.
  18. This small clay model depicts a multi-stepped ziggurat. It has clearly seen much use as several of its corners are chipped.
  19. A wooden box holds several chunks of quartz, rock crystal, granite and several other types of rock.
  20. Three small forked metal rods; each is enscribed with the name of a different plane of existence.

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