20 Strange Things to Feel and Hear in a Graveyard

Graveyards are strange places. Often the dead do not rest easily in their graves and their influence can be felt through the surrounding area.

By William McAusland (Outland Art)


Use the tables below, to generate the details of strange sounds and sensations the PCs could experience while investigating strange goings on in a creepy graveyard

10 Strange Sounds

  1. A rustle in the bushes off to one side hints at something small scurrying about.
  2. The wind plucks at the party’s cloaks, as it moans through the graveyard.
  3. Faint sobbing, from behind a gravestone, reaches the party’s ears.
  4. A tree’s bare branches clack together as a faint wind gusts through the graveyard.
  5. A faint, indeterminate whispering assails the party’s ears.
  6. A large black crow perched on a gravestone far from the path caws loudly before taking to the air. It circles the party twice before flying away.
  7. Snatches of conversation reach the party’s ears. The words “dead”, “burial” and “rise” are discernible, but there is no one nearby.
  8. Somewhere unseen behind the party, a dog starts howling. The howling continues for a minute or two before abruptly stopping.
  9. The grunts of exertion and sounds of picks and shovels cutting into the earth show gravediggers are hard at work.
  10. Loud wailing echoes through the graveyard. Investigation reveals a mourner kneeling before a freshly filled grave seemingly inconsolable with grief.

10 Strange Sensations

  1. The temperature suddenly drop to near freezing, in the area immediately around the party. After a few moments, it quickly returns to normal.
  2. One of the party suffers the growing realisation that someone or something unseen is watching their progress.
  3. One of the party feels strangely dizzy and almost collapses. After a five-minute rest, the feeling passes.
  4. Shadows cluster particularly thickly about several old grave markers. To a fevered imagination, it looks like the shadows are rhythmically pulsating.
  5. Abruptly, all sounds ceases in the graveyard—it’s as if the stones and graves themselves are holding their breath…waiting for something…
  6. A large—almost monstrous—bird perches motionless upon a bare tree branch. Several party members get the distinct impression it is watching them.
  7. The ghostly echos of the dearly departed cluster thickly about the graveyard. When they cluster thickly, a faint, cold mist forms. Attracted to the warmth of the living, tendrils of the mist look disturbingly like transparent limbs rising from the ground.
  8. A faint tremor shakes the ground.
  9. One of the party feels a deft, soft touch on his pouch; no one but the party is nearby.
  10. Powerful stomach cramps suddenly grip one of the PCs. They finish as quickly as they started.

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One thought on “20 Strange Things to Feel and Hear in a Graveyard

  1. My roomate and i went to a 100 year old grave yard . when we went to a certain arwa we had a sudden warm inviting feeling. Keep in mind it was cold out and had snow.