20 Things to Find in a Goblin’s Pouch

Peerless scavengers, goblins delight in searching through other races’ leavings to uncover lost “treasures”. In truth, such trinkets are normally nothing but rubbish. To the goblins, however, they have great value.


Use the table below, to determine what the PCs find:

  1. A half‐eaten pickle on the end of a yellowed piece of string.
  2. A lump of heavily boiled grey meat shows no clue as which animal it came from.
  3. A damp brown bag containing three fish heads, all well past their prime.
  4. A lightly toasted scorpion on the end of a stick; its tail has been bitten off.
  5. Half an orange has had the majority of its juices squeezed out.
  6. A small red brick, still bearing flecks of off‐white mortar.
  7. Teeth pulled from a shark or similar carnivorous creature.
  8. A leather patch, torn from the elbow of a jacket.
  9. The frame of a pair of reading glasses, its lenses long since lost.
  10. A dingy grey feather roughly three inches long, stuck into a rotten plum.
  11. A cheaply‐made magnifying glass with a large crack.
  12. A small bird statuette has had its eyes gouged out and its wings broken.
  13. A battered belt buckle displays a heavily scratched bull’s head.
  14. The trigger mechanism from a heavy crossbow; though intact, it is seized completely.
  15. A small book has had many of its pages torn out and others folded into various animal shapes, which have been crushed between the covers.
  16. This fragment of impressively‐wrought, supple chainmail is heavily rusted and tattered at the edges.
  17. A battered tin cup has been crushed out of shape. Its handle is crushed flat to the cup itself and is unusable.
  18. A small bar of lead, in a small wooden box.
  19. A vial filled with a bluish liquid, likely a potion that has been rendered inert.
  20. A collection of well‐polished animal and bird talons made into a bracelet.

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