20 Things to Loot from a Cleric’s Body

Brave, noble and just adventurers often do battle with evil cults and their sinister masters—servants of dark, forbidden powers.

By William McAusland (Outland Arts)

By William McAusland (Outland Arts)


Such clerics can call upon the powers of their patrons and are often equipped with items of foul origin or uncertain purpose. However, when adventurers slay an evil cleric normally all they find is a weapon, a suit of armour—perhaps an unholy symbol if the designer has gone all out—and some other minor treasures.

That’s a shame as such individuals are bound to carry about their person certain odds and ends that might be of interest to the adventurers. Use the table below, to generate details of things the party find on the evil cleric’s body:

  1. A necklace of human ears.
  2. A veil of purple designed to be placed over the head of a sacrifice.
  3. Hemlock, mistletoe and nightshade bound together with a red ribbon.
  4. An amulet of the unholy star. In rituals it is heated until glowing and then placed around a sacrifice’s neck.
  5. A bag of charcoal made from a church’s burnt rafters.
  6. A glass vial containing the severed finger of a fallen saint.
  7. Blessed chalk in a variety of lurid colours including red, purple, yellow and red.
  8. An incense burner made from a skull covered in silver.
  9. White clay prayer beads stained with blood.
  10. A bottle of blessed alcohol, spiked with a mild poison.
  11. A symbol drawing kit with string, chalk, compasses and a notebook with detailed notes and diagrams.
  12. A dozen vials of snake venom.
  13. A collection of silver needles designed to prevent the resurrection of a corpse.
  14. A preserved dead raven.
  15. A broken spyglass with a personalized inscription engraved on the case.
  16. A full yellow cloak with large silver clasps and a holy symbol boldly presented in dark green.
  17. A brass and copper chainmail shirt with a ring pattern too open and loose to provide actual protection. The mail is worn over a white linen shirt.
  18. A bright pink vest covered in tentacle designs.
  19. A pair of light green dancing shoes made of silk completed with black laces.
  20. A pauldron worn on the right shoulder made of white stained leather. A symbol on it denotes the priest’s position in the church’s hierarchy.

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