20 Things to Loot from a Dead Kobold

Kobolds. Getting killed by kobolds is tremendously embarrassing. The best way to avoid this embarrassment is to kill the kobolds first (and then of course loot their bodies)!

By V Shane

By V Shane


Use the table below, to determine what the PCs find when they loot a kobold’s corpse. Of course, kobolds are not particularly powerful creatures and so they rarely carry much of worth.

  1. A half-eaten rat wrapped in a scrap of dirty gore stained cloth.
  2. A tangle of strings—of varying colours and lengths—fill this small pouch. Hidden deep within the ball lurks a shiny black pebble.
  3. This kobold has hoarded much wealth; in his pouch the PCs find four silver coins—tarnished and bent—a dozen coppers and a single gold piece bent almost in half.
  4. This kobold carries a rudimentary tripwire—a length of thin string wrapped around two small wooden pegs—in his pouch along with a length of tiny copper bells that can be wrapped around the tripwire.
  5. Four half-burnt candles along with a much-used flint and steel wrapped carefully in a strip of sack cloth.
  6. A broken dagger—sized for a human—whose blade ends in a jagged stump. The shard of the blade—covered in dried blood—is also in the pouch.
  7. The kobold wore a crude necklace crafted from finger bones; some still have fingernails attached.
  8. The kobold wore comically oversized boots—obviously once worn by a human. To make them fit, he has padded them out with rags. Hidden in the rags are three worn silver coins.
  9. The kobold wore a bandolier from which hang many small securely stoppered flasks. Each is filled with a noxious substance—excrement, rank water, vomit and so on. The flasks are flimsy and designed to break apart when they hit something solid.
  10. An almost empty wine flask along with the bodies of several large spiders fills the kobold’s pouch. Each of the spiders has had their legs removed and one of the bodies is half eaten.
  11. A small pouch worn around the kobold’s neck contains four teeth—one broken—a selection of smooth pebbles and a dirty grey feather.
  12. The kobold wore the remnants of a white silk undershirt. The undershirt has been cut off at the waist and arms to fit the kobold and is filthy (and odorous). It is valueless to the PCs, but several other members of the tribe have had their eye on the garment for sometime. The PCs could use it as a bribe or may even see several warriors fighting over the shirt if they return to the scene of this battle without looting the shirt.
  13. Hidden in a bulging pouch, the PC finds many rags wrapped around a broken mirror. Half of the glass is missing and if the PC searches without being careful he could cut himself on the remaining glass shards.
  14. The kobold carried the remains of a tattooing kit in a well-made leather pouch. Clearly over-sized for the kobold, the pouch contains two (bloody) needles, three small vials of ink—black, blue and red—and several crude doodles of the kobolds’ tribal sigil.
  15. A ripped section of damp fishing net woven about three short lengths of rope, fills a sack hanging from the kobold’s belt.
  16. The kobold wore a tarnished silver-plated signal whistle (worth 2 gp) on a short length of leather twine around its neck.
  17. An empty flask smelling of strong spirits and several sheets of stained parchment fill the kobold’s pouch.
  18. A mummified, but rank, rat paw stuck transfixed on a piton. Dried blood covers the rat’s claws, which has stained the pouch holding the gruesome trophy.
  19. A ragged belt pouch holds the ornate silvered hilt of a dagger. The blade is missing, but the hilt is worth 15 gp.
  20. This kobold has amassed a small collection of smooth shells. Each has been pierced through its centre and a threaded silver wire holds them all together. The wire is worth 2 gp, and the whole thing can be worn as a necklace (if one is Small sized).

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19 thoughts on “20 Things to Loot from a Dead Kobold

  1. Not to nit pick but maybe I will nit pick re: item 20 why would a silver wire be worth 2 gp? Is it 2 gp worth of silver in weight? Love the idea but would dumb down the value.

    • It’s your campaign! You can assign any value you fancy to the wire. It was my thought that it was so finely wrought that it was expensive, but that’s just me.


  2. Nice list! It’s a great way to add some flavor to a staple of RPG gaming mobs. Most players seemed to kill them and move on without a second though. However, using something like this is a great way to really give the players a feel for things. Then you can slip something more important in as a GM to reward the curiosity and thoroughness.