20 Things to Loot From the Rogue’s Body

Heroic adventurers always seem to be battling thieves, rogues, bandits, footpads and other near-do-wells.

By William McAusland (Outland Arts)

By William McAusland (Outland Arts)


Such folk often have lots of interesting odds and ends in their pockets and pouches. While these objects might not be valuable they may be of interest to the party. Perhaps, the PCs decide to return the items to their rightful owner or—later—get accused of being the thieves themselves when they try to use or sell the items in question.

Use the table below, to generate such minor items of interest.

  1. A small, soft black pouch containing a half-dozen lock picks. One is horribly bent and all but useless.
  2. A heavy, well-worn leather sap. Some of its stitching is frayed. Perceptive PCs notice the sap is heavier than it should be. Further investigations uncover 5 pp hidden within.
  3. The rogue’s belt has a hidden compartment sewn into the lining. It holds three lock picks, one gold coin, one platinum coin and a small knife made for a creature two sizes smaller than the rogue.
  4. Hidden in each of the rogue’s boots lurks a slender dagger. The two are a pair and if sold together fetch triple the normal amount.
  5. The rogue wore an oversized earring in his left ear. At first glance it is a piece of cheap, brass costume jewellery. However, cunningly hidden within is a secret compartment that holds a potion of gaseous form.
  6. The rogue wears a black cloak with a voluminous hood. Strangely, the cloak has a belt so it can be pulled tight around the wearer’s waist. Each of the arm’s cuffs have small pouches sized perfectly for a potion (or poison) vial.
  7. A disorganised jumble of jewellery fills one of the rogue’s pouches. Sadly, most of it is costume jewellery and virtually worthless. However, a perceptive searcher finds one plain gold ring sized for a fat finger worth 50 gp.
  8. A small half-sized flask of oil wrapped in an oil-stained rag. Also present is a very small brush sized for fitting into locks and other hard-to-reach places.
  9. A crude red hood with holes for two eyeholes and a mouth.
  10. The rogue’s boots each have a hidden compartment in their heel. The compartments are large enough to hold several coins or similar sized objects. One holds three platinum coins while the other has a coiled up lock pick.
  11. One of the rogue’s pouches holds nothing but a neatly folded hemp sack. The sack, however, has several different internal compartments making it much easier to organise one’s loot.
  12. The rogue has a well-equipped thieves’ kit. He also owned a small pry bar sized perfectly for coffers, desk draws and so on. The pry bar gives a +2 circumstance bonus on Strength checks made to open such objects.
  13. A small bag of finely ground flour tied shut with a length of yellow twine. If thrown or scattered, the flour can cover a 5 ft. square area.
  14. The rogue’s dagger has a hollow hilt accessed by unscrewing its bulbous pommel. Hidden inside are two tindertwigs and a ragged cloth for kindling.
  15. A tarnished copper signal whistle hangs around the rogue’s neck on a leather thong. The whistle’s mouthpiece is shaped liked a pair of pouting lips.
  16. The rogue’s cloak is double lined. The outside is black while the inside is a gaudy gold colour. The cloak can be worn either way round.
  17. The rogue’s pouches are seemingly normal, but they have small loops sown inside them making it easier to store gear (and to get at that gear in a hurry). Two such pouches carry a very well organised thieves’ tool kit.
  18. A wineskin filled with cheap wine (used by the thief as a distraction or bribe). The wine has also been doctored with a sleep poison.
  19. This reinforced pouch contains nothing but sharp shards of pottery. If scattered, they act as caltrops and fill a 10 ft. by 10 ft. square.
  20. A well-made wig with long, black hair and several pieces of fake jewellery fill this pouch.

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