20 Things to Loot from a Slaver’s Body

Foul individuals trafficking in the blackest trade, slavers accumulate many minor trinkets, treasures and keepsakes from their victims. When the victorious heroes rifle the bodies of their fallen enemies, they likely come across such minor items of interest. A wise GM can use these items to build verisimilitude and depth to the encounter. After all, finding a couple of gold coins is boring; finding a cracked and damaged locket obviously ripped from around a young girl’s neck brings home the depths of evil too which slavers stoop to carrying out their heinous trade.

By William McAusland (Outland Arts)


Use the items below, to add minor points of interest to the looting of slain slavers:

  1. Four links of bloodstained chain ending in a single bloody manacle fill this slaver’s pouch. (Close examination reveals hairs stuck in the dried blood on the manacle.) A snapped off key fills the manacle’s lock.
  2. A long braid of blond hair wrapped around a slender, whittled stick of white wood protected by a scrap of red-hued silk fills this pouch. The hair looks clean and recently washed and is the slaver’s trophy harvested from a beautiful woman who fell into his clutches.
  3. A handful of tarnished and clipped silver and copper coins from a variety of different cultures and kingdoms. All are obviously old.
  4. This small silver locket opens to reveal a tiny painting of a severe-looking woman wearing a ball gown. The clasp for the locket’s chain is broken—perhaps it was ripped from its owner’s neck.
  5. This slaver collected jewellery from his victims. His pouch holds three earrings—one bronze pair and a single golden stud—along with a half-dozen rings. All are cheap “costume style” pieces except for the single golden ear stud (which is worth 5 gp).
  6. A battered leather scroll tube contains sketches of several individuals in suggestive poses. Every subject has a profoundly sad or scared look on their face. The sketches, however, were obviously rendered by a skilled artist.
  7. Three teeth wrapped in a scrap of bloody cloth. Each has a gold filling (worth in total 1 gp). The teeth are badly cracked and scoured—it looks like someone used pliers to extract them.
  8. A ripped yellow silk shirt, with a bloody cuff, rolled into a tight ball. The shirt is worth 5 gp if cleaned and repaired; otherwise, because of its condition, it is essentially worthless.
  9. Three six-sided bone dice with crudely inked pips. One of the dice is loaded and always comes up on the number one. The three dice sit inside a snug, custom made leather pouch with the initials JF burnt into the lid.
  10. A small set of rusting iron pliers with worn handles. Dried blood mars the plier’s jaws and its crude spring squeaks loudly if the pliers are used.
  11. This coil of seven-foot long bloody rope has been used as a crude (and heavy) whip. One end of the rope is matted with blood and hair; the other ends in a thick, tight knot.
  12. A small pouch with a fold-over top holds a half dozen slender knives. All are razor sharp and spotlessly clean. Some have very strangely shaped tips. To a collector of torture equipment—or perhaps an apothecary or necromancer—the set is worth 50 gp.
  13. A bunch of nondescript keys hanging from a small, overloaded ring. Some of the keys are worn and several are broken. One, however, unlocks the manacles used by the slavers, and is part of a sick, twisted game played by this individual.
  14. Two creased, crumpled and sweat-stained black hoods. Neither has mouth or eye holes. Worryingly, both have draw strings enabling them to be tightly secured around the wearers’ heads.
  15. A small black branding iron; a stylised S forms the iron’s head. The tips of the S end in crude snake heads. The iron is wrapped in bloody, scorched cloth.
  16. A small half-full wineskin containing a powerful, but harsh, brandy smelling strongly of blackberries.
  17. A large brass key with worn teeth. A strip of red-coloured string hangs from one end. The key is too large to fit any of the locks in the compound.
  18. A dirty, bloodstained strip of cloth wrapped around a two-foot long wooden cudgel. The cudgel’s handle is worn, suggesting it has seen prolonged use.
  19. A nondescript brown hemp hood with crudely cut eye and mouth holes. The hood looks like it has been fashioned from a small sack. A splatter of dried blood covers the front.
  20. Two score individually cloth wrapped silver coins fill this small pouch which is secured with rope wrapped around and around it. All are from different nations or kingdoms and have different designs. Each individually wrapped parcel is tied shut with string.

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2 thoughts on “20 Things to Loot from a Slaver’s Body

  1. Love it … looking forward to more posts here on slaver items. already seeing some things that I can use in a campaign … stimulating ideas big time!

    Thank you for posting!