20 Things to Loot from a Warrior’s Body I

In their adventures, the PCs are likely to slay countless evil warriors intent on doing them harm. Normally, such folk carry nothing but a few gold pieces, beyond their weapons and armour. That’s a bit boring, and doesn’t help a GM trying to add depth and verisimilitude to the campaign…


Use the table below, to generate minor items of interest the party can recover from the bodies of their slain enemies:

  1. This suit of full plate mail is painted black. A blood-red star on the breastplate is the only splash of colour on the armour.
  2. The holy symbol for a deity of healing emblazons this cloak. Obviously, the warrior never worshipped, or ceased to worship, the deity.
  3. This leather armour has numerous buckles holding it together, taking longer to don/doff but incidentally providing more protection.
  4. A voluminous grey cloak conceals bulky brass armour weighing over 150 pounds.
  5. This plate mail is in good working order, except for rust on the left knee joint.
  6. This “armour” is a single chain, dozens of feet long, wrapped around the wearer.
  7. A patina of frost coats this plate mail’s exterior and remains despite the temperature.
  8. This spyglass has a cracked lens at its wide end.
  9. This dagger has two blades and its hilt unlocks, allowing the wielder to swivel one blade and create a double weapon grasped at the centre.
  10. This simple fishing pole is crafted from willow and has a rusted hook at the end of its line.
  11. Each gauntlet in this pair is made of different materials and sized differently.
  12. A badger pelt is bundled with rat pelts.
  13. This compass points to the nearest source of fresh water.
  14. A map shows a single mountain peak and several meandering paths from the peak to ‘X’ marks.
  15. This pungent bar of lye soap has never been used, perhaps because it burns the skin.
  16. This 20-page book contains a couple hundred one liners; a dog-eared page shows the phrase “Bye bye, bulette” circled in red.
  17. These wooden juggling pins are very heavy.
  18. A parcel containing a honeycomb is addressed to “D. Wimble” in a distant town.
  19. A string of onions produces an overpowering odour when the pouch is opened.
  20. This tarnished gold ring has an inscription reading, “To my love. We shall be reunited.”

This article is a sample of I Loot the Warrior’s Body by Mike Welham.

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