20 Things to Loot from a Warrior’s Body II

In their adventures, the PCs are likely to slay countless evil warriors intent on doing them harm. Normally, such folk carry nothing but a few gold pieces, beyond their weapons and armour. That’s a bit boring, and doesn’t help a GM trying to add depth and verisimilitude to the campaign…


Use the table below, to generate minor items of interest the party can recover from the bodies of their slain enemies:

  1. The tabard covering this suit of armour displays heraldry from a kingdom destroyed long ago.
  2. This breastplate has inward-facing spikes covered in fresh blood.
  3. This armour has an open space in the back suitable for a tail. The previous owner did not have a tail, however.
  4. Poor tailoring betrays this crude attempt at a passable noble’s outfit.
  5. Brightly coloured papier mâché covers the warrior’s armour.
  6. This armour has been shaped from a large creature’s carapace to fit its wearer.
  7. This plate mail is polished to a mirror-like sheen and reflects gaze attacks.
  8. This scabbard breaks away, enabling the sword wielder to draw the weapon as a free action. In order to reuse the scabbard, it must be repaired (DC 15 Craft [weapons] check and 1 gp).
  9. This ceramic helm features a prominent ostrich feather, dyed bright green.
  10. Tools in this kit allow for quick but temporary repairs to leather armour.
  11. This leather cord links the wearer’s wrist to the hilt of a wielded weapon, preventing the wearer from losing the weapon when disarmed.
  12. This flint and steel set never fails to produce a spark even in damp or rainy conditions.
  13. This set of panpipes produces a shriek, not unlike a raptor’s cry, when blown.
  14. A ledger shows debts to various gambling houses; one page has the words “Sent goons yesterday. Must pay up soon,” underlined.
  15. Twine is wrapped around several smooth sticks; all the sticks are identical, except for one which is considerably shorter than the others.
  16. This small, well-worn teddy bear is missing one of its button eyes.
  17. Interlocking steel pieces forming a cube are currently separated. Also, one piece is missing.
  18. A piece of driftwood has been carved into the likeness of an alligator, down to its scales.
  19. A couple of grapes are missing from this set of wax fruit.
  20. This wanted poster shows a bounty on the PCs worth 500 gp. The poster comes from a place none of the PCs have visited.

This article is a sample of I Loot the Warrior’s Body by Mike Welham.

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