20 Treasures to Find in a Haunted House

Abandoned and decrepit, no city is complete without an abandoned, reportedly haunted building. Truly haunted buildings have an air of grim mystique about them, their supernatural residents setting the natural world on edge. 

By Bradley K. McDevitt

By Bradley K. McDevitt


Such sinister locales often have forgotten or lost treasures within their walls. Use this table to generate details of minor treasures the PCs find in the haunted house. Reroll inappropriate results.

  1. A grand harp carved with images of cavorting satyrs stands near the wall. Its strings emit an ear-piercing scream when first plucked.
  2. Two heavy silver candlesticks lie on the floor. One of them is stained with old blood.
  3. A seven-headed serpent is carved into the walls of the room. Its scales are covered with gold leaf.
  4. A crystal chandelier fell to the floor and shattered here. Many of the crystal pieces are still large enough to salvage.
  5. Hanging on the wall is an oil painting depicting a demonic doe devouring her young. The frame of the painting is studded with small flecks of ruby.
  6. Hidden amidst a tangle of rotten flowers is a single crystal rose.
  7. This beautiful wooden box is engraved with the image of a rampant unicorn. Inside, the box is filled with expensive cigars.
  8. A painting of an old woman is hidden beneath a white sheet. Careful inspection reveals the lines and wrinkles on her face spell out fiendish runes.
  9. A dinner table is neatly set with four places—each having a silver fork, knife and drinking cup. All four cups are filled with wriggling maggots.
  10. Piles of holy symbols are heaped in this room. They are covered in teeth marks.
  11. Discarded chisels and stone dust cover the floor. In the middle of the room stands a statue of one of the PCs. The statue holds a diamond-studded key in its left hand.
  12. A large golden serving platter perches atop a pile of refuse. Hundreds of flies cling to its polished surface.
  13. An intricately engraved locket hangs from a peg on the wall. One half of the locket holds a painting of a child. The other half holds a painting of a hairy spider.
  14. This oil painting depicts a horde of demons pushing humans into a fiery pit. It is signed by the famous painter Trornio.
  15. An ornate set of carving knives rests near a tray of spoiled meat. The blades are freshly sharpened.
  16. A wardrobe contains five beautiful ball gowns. Each is covered in thick layers of spider webs.
  17. Every piece of this golden chess set shows the piece dying in a different, painful way.
  18. A darkwood bas-relief depicting a mass grave is set into the ceiling.
  19. Each of the coins behind the glass of this collector’s display is engraved with the face of a different PC.
  20. At first glance, the subject of this painting is a clothed skeleton, but when examined again it is merely on old man.

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