20 Unfortunate Discoveries to Find in a Haunted House

At the best of times, haunted houses are sinister, shunned places. However, those poking about inside such locales are bound to make unfortunate—even shocking—discoveries.

By Bradley K. McDevitt

By Bradley K. McDevitt


Use this table to generate the details of minor unfortunate, foreboding or worrisome discoveries the PCs make in the haunted house. Reroll inappropriate results.

  1. A bloody message is scrawled across the mirror here. It reads, “One of you has been taken.”
  2. As the PCs walk passed a closed door, something on the other side knocks on it.
  3. A horrific squealing fills the air and a large rat crawls into view. Although it has no discernable wounds, the rat contorts in agony for a few seconds and then abruptly dies.
  4. A thick layer of dust that has been undisturbed in ages covers the entire room. Mysteriously, a smouldering cigar rests in an ashtray near the wall.
  5. No one can remember the names of any deities while they are in this house.
  6. Coffins are stacked from the floor to the ceiling. A loud thumping and groaning noise comes from somewhere within the room.
  7. After a lengthy discussion, the PCs suddenly realize none of them are speaking in a language they recognize.
  8. A flock of dead ravens forms the lines of a summoning circle on the floor. Judging by the smashed windows in this room, it appears the birds flew into this position on their own.
  9. The sound of laughing children echoes through the house. Thick rivulets of rancid chocolate begin dripping through cracks in the walls and ceiling.
  10. Footsteps echo behind the PCs for a few seconds each time they stop moving.
  11. When retracing their path through a dusty area, the PCs discover an extra pair of footprints mixed in with their own.
  12. Three missing people are asleep in this room. Although slumbering, they are standing completely upright and swaying in unison.
  13. No one who steps inside this house can stop smiling.
  14. A severed head constantly whispers and looks around with wide eyes. If the PCs listen to it, the head seems to be warning them about things they cannot see.
  15. Hellish screams suddenly fill the air as the room spontaneously bursts into flames.
  16. The floorboards creak and moan under the weight of a great beast that no one can see. The stench of its hot breath is overpowering.
  17. Two bloodshot eyes watch the PCs through cracks and holes in the ceiling.
  18. Thousands of crows live in this house. At random intervals they grow quiet and stare at the PCs intently.
  19. Whenever a PC falls asleep in this house, he wakes with his arms crossed and a single coin over each eyelid.
  20. PCs leaving this house have paler skin, as if they haven’t seen the sun for months.

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