30 Things to Eat and Drink in a Common Quality Tavern

PCs seemingly spend much of their downtime between adventures in taverns and inns. Here they relax, meet contacts and (probably) get into the occasional brawl. However, most modules and supplements provide surprisingly little detail on what such establishments actually serve.

By William McAusland (Outland Arts)


Use the tables below to add depth and flavour (did you see what I did there?) to the inns and taverns the PCs visit during their adventures.


Use the table below, to generate details of the food on offer at the tavern:

  1. Omelette with toasted nuts
  2. Ham with mixed greens
  3. Fish and bacon stew
  4. Rabbit in mushroom sauce
  5. Fried rabbit with nut cakes
  6. Poached fish with kale
  7. Cheap sausage with fried onion and apple chunks
  8. Black pudding and beans
  9. Corned beef with carrots
  10. Ham and vegetable stew

House Specialties

Use the table below, to generate details of the house specialties on offer at the tavern:

  1. Chicken in plum sauce with rice
  2. Honey-fried fish
  3. Sheep’s head stew with barley and beans
  4. Star-gazy pie
  5. Chicken and leek pie
  6. Mushroom flan
  7. Oxtail soup with cheese bread and onions
  8. Pork liver with onions and potatoes
  9. Bacon, eggs and fried Potatoes
  10. Parsnip soup with cheap sausage and bread


Use the table below, to generate details of the drinks on offer at the tavern:

  1. Beer
  2. Ale
  3. Watered white wine
  4. Cider
  5. Perry
  6. Cherry barley water
  7. Plum barley water
  8. Watered red wine
  9. Watered mead
  10. Pear barley water

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  1. NOPE DONT EAT anything or buy any drinks – it is a plan to get you off guard so they can loot your corpse..