60 Things to Eat and Drink in a Seedy Tavern

There are few locales as iconic as the tavern in fantasy gaming. It’s one of those timeless fantasy traditions that adventuring parties meet their employer in a tavern and taverns are where adventurers go to rest and recuperate after their adventures.

By William McAusland (Outland Arts)

By William McAusland (Outland Arts)


Use the tables below, to generate details of the seedy tavern’s offering. Doing so helps bring the place to life in the players’ minds and adds depth and verisimilitude to your campaign.


Roll d20, to determine what food the seedy tavern offers. Most taverns will offer a few of the below options.

  1. Carrot and acorn soup with bread
  2. Vegetable stew
  3. Pease pudding
  4. Chickpea stew with kale
  5. Beans and greens soup with rye bread
  6. Pea and carrot soup with oatcakes
  7. Vegetable soup with laver bread
  8. Pea soup on baked potato
  9. Potato soup with mixed greens
  10. Pea and beet stew
  11. Acorn cakes with beet soup
  12. Oat gruel with turnips
  13. Bean soup with onion
  14. Cheesy millet balls with carrot
  15. Beet soup with bread
  16. Mixed greens pottage with potato
  17. Carrot soup with ground chickpeas
  18. Fried beet and potato cake
  19. Potato and acorn stew with bread
  20. Baked potato with onions and bread


Roll d20, to determine what drinks the seedy tavern offers. Most taverns will offer several drinks from the list below.

  1. Water (cold)
  2. Buttermilk
  3. Whey
  4. Mint tea
  5. Nettle tea
  6. Dandelion coffee
  7. Small ale
  8. Small beer
  9. Sour wine
  10. Sage tea
  11. Chamomile tea
  12. Plain barley water
  13. Lavender verbena tea
  14. Water (hot)
  15. Rosemary tea
  16. Watered cider
  17. Watered perry
  18. Fennel tea
  19. Raspberry leaf tea
  20. Birch sap tea

House Specialties

Roll d20, to determine what house speciality the seedy tavern offers:

  1. Rolled seaweed stuffed with rice and vegetables
  2. Fishcakes with cabbage
  3. Black pudding with turnip and bread
  4. Marrow stuffed with barley and herbs
  5. Spiced beets with onion and potato
  6. Roast chickpeas with laver bread
  7. Mushroom porridge
  8. Turnip and pea pie
  9. Onion flan
  10. Bean stew with onion bread
  11. Cracked wheat pilaf
  12. Turnip stew
  13. Mixed root stew with kale
  14. Bean and barley pottage
  15. Homity pie
  16. Chicken soup with bread
  17. Fish soup with rice and beans
  18. Beet stew
  19. Umble pie with cabbage
  20. Cabbage soup with beets

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