4 Fairground Stalls

Beyond the fair or festival’s main event, most have countless side attractions. Local merchants sell their produce to revellers, and other folk put on special attractions—games of skill, special services and so on.

Behold, four stalls for your PCs to visit at the fair:

1: Kreeta’ Masks

This stall sells a variety of colourful face-masks from head-high racks. Most masks depict particularly lurid caricatures of various creatures—orcs, dragons, goblins and the like while a few also depict predatory animals such as hawks and wolves. The storekeeper, Kreeta Tuntia (NG female human), is a pleasant woman well-used to parting customers from their hard-earned coins.

  • For Sale: basic animal or monster mask 1 sp, detailed mask 3 sp, ornate dragon mask 1 gp

2: Esoteric Lodge of All Knowledge

This tall, jet black tent glowers over the surrounds like a brooding giant. A sign driven into the ground nearby reads, “Esoteric Lodge of All Knowledge”, and the faint scent of incense wafts from within the tent. Inside, Sakarias Vaania (LN old male human wizard 4) tells fortunes. The floor is thickly carpeted, and esoteric symbols cover the tent’s inner walls. A glowing brazier provides a faint light, and heady incense fills the air.

  • Services: basic divination 1 sp, fortune telling 2 sp, spellcasting services 25 gp x spell level

3: Try Your Luck

Dozens of pitted wooden targets set at different heights and distances stand throughout this dimly lit tent. One end of the tent is open to customers but is blocked off by a wooden counter. Dozens of (poorly weighted) darts lie on the table. As potential customers approach, the wizened stall-keeper—Kylli Uro (CN old female human fighter 2)—challenges them to hit three targets to win a prize.

  • Services: three darts 5 cp, seven darts 1 sp.
  • Prizes: basic stuffed toy, jack of weak ale.

4: The Square

Here, a whip-thin man stalks a roped-off square. The man (Torsten Kainu [LN middle-aged male human fighter 7]) brandishes two wooden rapiers and offers to fight anyone daring to step into the ring. The rules of the fight are simple: the first one to strike his opponent three times with his wooden rapier wins. Torsten is friendly and often fights mock battles with children (which he loses) if no serious customers dare the ring.
His brawny son, Samppa (LN male human fighter 3), himself an accomplished fencer, collects entries fees and (rarely) dolls out prize money. When not working fairs and suchlike, Torsten hires himself out to noblemen and the like to train their children in the fine art of fencing.

  • Entry Fee: 5 sp
  • Prize: 5 gp

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