+5 Bundle of GMing Awesomeness

We’ve got an epic deal for you over at DriveThruRPG.

You can get over 200 Raging Swan Press PDFs for only $29.67 – that’s a 95% off the normal retail price of $667!

Master the Game. Get it Now!

The Twisted Gorge by Matt Morrow

The Twisted Gorge by Matt Morrow

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6 thoughts on “+5 Bundle of GMing Awesomeness

    • Just the Pathfinder one, I’m afraid. We don’t have enough System Neutral Edition books to fill a bundle like this!

  1. This is amazing! So much great material, I don’t even know how I’m going to organize it all! I’m about to launch a real campaign after a year of GMing one-shots, so the timing is sweet.

    Drive Thru RPG also gave a percentage discount for some of the items in the bundle that I already owned. Which is nice – a happy bonus for existing fans!

  2. Is this bundle the same as the Raging Swan Mega Bundle you offered through the Open Gaming Store a few months ago? Love your stuff, but I wish I could easily track what I’ve already got. 🙂

    • Yes. It should be identical (but I may have mis-inputted something).

      I should add, though, that OBS do something very cool in that the price of the bundle adjusts if you already have purchased some of the items in the bundle (from OBS). A customer emailed me to say that because he already owned 3/4 of the books he got the whole thing for $7!

      Hope that helps!