50 Pieces of Dungeon Dressing for an Abandoned Temple

Brave adventurers are always poking around in abandoned temples. Whether they are cleansing the taint of a dark power from a temple’s holy precincts or exploring a shrine dedicated to a now forgotten power, they are certain to make many minor discoveries.

By Maciej Zagorski (The Forge Studios)

By Maciej Zagorski (The Forge Studios)


Use this table, to generate details of minor points of interest the PCs discover in the abandoned temple. Reroll inappropriate results.

  1. Thick vines covered with midnight blue flowers hang from the ceiling here, obscuring vision into the temple beyond.
  2. Twelve statues of meditating monks hover several feet off the floor of this room.
  3. Hundreds of butterflies create a riot of colour as they flit around this room.
  4. Yellow pollen fills the air surrounding this cluster of large heart-shaped flowers. The PCs’ eyelids grow heavy when they approach.
  5. Marble carvings of nude nymphs circle a primordial tree at the centre of this shrine.
  6. A jaguar intently watches the PCs from the foliage of these ruins. Its spots form patterns resembling a holy symbol.
  7. A dead paladin lies sprawled across a stone slab. His breastplate is crudely etched with the word “oath-breaker.”
  8. An enormous stone cloud giant statue blows a continuous gust of wind through this temple.
  9. The dead guardians of this temple all wear armour crafted from lizard scales and teeth.
  10. Every door of this temple has a hole drilled through it. Peering through each hole reveals glimpses of alien worlds.
  11. Standing before the statue of this deity are four wooden tables. Although dusty, they are covered with a never-ending supply of wholesome food.
  12. Each door in this temple is carved with the image of a different saint.
  13. A glass mosaic depicting two dragons in ferocious combat covers the wall.
  14. The soft prayers of chanting worshippers echo up from the bottom of this tranquil well.
  15. Stained glass windows depicting demons withering under holy light pierce the walls from floor to ceiling.
  16. A twisted tree grows in the centre of this carefully maintained sand garden.
  17. The pink and white trees above this reflecting pool are eternally in bloom.
  18. Crushed statues covered with a layer of thick slime litter the floor.
  19. Thousands of bats hang from the ceiling of this echoing chamber.
  20. This temple is composed of strange green stones. The stones emit a pale glow when violence occurs nearby.
  21. A hole in the ceiling shines light down on one of four different doors, depending on the time of day.
  22. The train of a priestly red dress winds for hundreds of feet through these temple halls.
  23. This statue of a woman in prayer holds a single white lotus in its hand.
  24. Snakes slither and crawl across every open surface of this room. If presented with the proper holy symbol, they immediately scatter.
  25. A trio of apes wanders through this building, dutifully performing old rituals for their deceased temple masters.
  26. The clerics of this temple were all mummified with strange red leaves.
  27. Ornate copper windmills fill this temple. The doors of the temple only open when the proper windmill has wind directed at it.
  28. Enormous dragonflies buzz and dart around the room. One dragonfly has a holy symbol tied around its neck.
  29. A strange waterfall flows upward into the sky from this room. The only way to reach the second floor of the temple is to swim up it.
  30. A wise toad croaks out snippets of prayers from his perch atop a 30-foot stone column.
  31. A statue of a new mother nursing a baby stands in the centre of this room. The child she holds has the head of a goat.
  32. Instead of an altar, this temple has a stone archway covered with arcane runes at its centre.
  33. The doors of this temple room are set into the floors and ceiling.
  34. A towering tree stands in the centre of this domed chamber. A nest containing a large metallic egg is perched on the tree’s highest branches.
  35. Blades of every shape and sort were hammered together to form the floor here. PCs must step through the room carefully to avoid being cut.
  36. Dead coral and water stains cover this temple, as if it was once submerged deep underwater.
  37. A sand pit in the centre of this room is filled with hungry giant lizards. The lizards protect a wooden idol standing in the middle of the pit.
  38. A shepherd’s flock of sheep takes refuge inside this ruined temple.
  39. The altar of this temple can only be reached by jumping across seventeen stone pillars.
  40. Crushed clay jars filled with dried herbs are scattered across the floor.
  41. Ancient jugs filled with spoiled wine line this room.
  42. The holy symbols of this temple are smeared with grime and hung upside down on the walls.
  43. Hundreds of temple cats wander through these stone ruins.
  44. A thick layer of spongy moss covers the entire floor of this temple.
  45. Thirteen prayer books rest on this shelf. Each is full of ancient diagrams depicting different ways to die.
  46. Two rows of granite thrones line this hallway. Upon each sits a skeletal chieftain wearing beautiful feathered regalia.
  47. Each wall of this shrine details the final combat of a warrior who died in glorious battle.
  48. Though it is warm outside, layers of snow cover the marble floor in here.
  49. The corpse of a massive spider is stuffed inside a confessional booth.
  50. Impish shapes made of pure fire dance and cavort in the flames of this temple’s torches.

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