50 Things to Find in a Haunted House

Adventurers are always poking about haunted houses in search of treasures and restless spirits to lay to rest. Not everything they find, though, is so exciting…

By Bradley K. McDevitt

By Bradley K. McDevitt


Use this table to generate details of minor points of interest the PCs discover in the haunted house. Reroll inappropriate results.

  1. Dozens of mirrors fill this room. Every mirror is cracked in the exact same pattern.
  2. The floorboards of this room are warped and twisted. Heat emanates from between them and the entire area smells of brimstone.
  3. This fireplace is carved into the shape of a massive wolf head.
  4. An enormous grandfather clock stands at the centre of this house. Its incessant ticking slowly drives visitors mad.
  5. The furniture in this room is made from the flesh of a creature the PCs don’t recognize.
  6. The limbs of an enormous tree wind their way through the walls. The smaller branches of the tree twitch and move like claws.
  7. Thousands of eyes are carved into the ceiling. Although most are crudely crafted, some seem almost real.
  8. From floor to ceiling, the walls of this room are stained glass windows.
  9. The stone floor in this area ripples like water. The faces of drowning victims occasionally rise to the surface of the stone with tortured expressions.
  10. Dozens of burning candles cast a red light over the room. Each step taken in the room extinguishes a single candle.
  11. A tile mosaic depicting the souls of the damned covers the floor of this long hallway.
  12. This door is nailed shut, but has the unmistakable sound of music on the other side.
  13. An empty coffin rests in the middle of the room. Scores of deep nail scratches line the inside of the coffin lid.
  14. A silver hairbrush floats upward and gently strokes the air 100 times before returning to the floor.
  15. An iron spyglass rests on a table. Anyone viewed through the spyglass appears to be dying a painful death.
  16. Thick tendrils of fog slither along the floor and grasp at the PCs’ legs.
  17. A row of leering gargoyles clutches the ceiling. The ghastly mouth of each gargoyle is open and snarling. One gargoyle is missing its tongue.
  18. A great dining table is made from rows of gravestones that are riveted together.
  19. A trio of melancholy angels stands over a dried up fountain. If the PCs are quiet, they can hear soft whispers drifting up through the fountain’s drain.
  20. Hundreds of glass jars line the shelves of this room. Each contains a dissected brain.
  21. Rows of corpses sit in the pews of this small chapel. Each corpse has a burlap sack tied over its head.
  22. A spectral woman is putting makeup on her face in this room. When she turns to face the PCs, she has no eyes.
  23. Empty wine bottles litter the floor. When PCs enter the room the bottles fly through the air and attack.
  24. Every floorboard in this room has the name of a different murder victim etched into it.
  25. When the PCs open the door to this room, an empty baby cradle slowly stops rocking.
  26. The scent of freshly dug earth is strong here.
  27. Six bodies hang from the room’s rafters.
  28. Two antique sabres are mounted above the fireplace mantle. If touched, the sabres leap from the wall and begin an elaborate duel.
  29. A hidden lever inside a children’s playhouse opens secret stairs leading to the cellar.
  30. Anyone looking into this mirror sees a pair of ghostly hands caressing his or her face.
  31. Portraits of generations of a noble family fill this room. The older each painting is, the more monstrous its subject appears.
  32. Hundreds of skulls are visible through the cracks in the masonry of the house.
  33. The oil paintings in this room all feature people with giant mouths instead of faces.
  34. Animals near the house sometimes stop and mutely stare at it for hours.
  35. An emaciated corpse sits in the middle of this room surrounded by piles of rotted food. The body bears all the signs of starvation.
  36. A trail of crushed breadcrumbs leads deeper into the house.
  37. The chandelier hanging in this room is made from a collection of human teeth.
  38. Instead of doors, every doorway in this house is filled with a sheet of mist.
  39. A statue of a maiden with a wicked smile stands in this room. Whenever no one is looking at it, the maiden’s stomach grows slightly larger.
  40. A headman’s axe is proudly mounted on the wall.
  41. Saliva drips from the ceiling of the house whenever golden objects are brought inside it.
  42. All liquid in this house slowly transforms into blood.
  43. Buoyant items drift and float through this house, as if the entire building were underwater.
  44. Insects crawl along the floor in strange geometric patterns.
  45. Enormous paw prints are burned into the wooden floor.
  46. All the heavy furniture in this room is piled against a single door.
  47. Instead of showing a reflection, this mirror shows the bottom of a dark ocean.
  48. White sheets cover all the furniture. A humanoid shape lies beneath the sheets on one couch, but when the sheet is removed nothing is there.
  49. The deep thud of a beating heart is coming from somewhere in the house.
  50. A puddle of water covers the floor. Wet footprints lead away from the pool.

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7 thoughts on “50 Things to Find in a Haunted House

  1. I liked when you talked about how a good haunted house would have a door that has been shut with nails and there is music on the other side of it. It makes sense that doing this can give the building more credibility and attract more people. I can see how taking your time to do your homework can help you find the best houses where you can have the most fun.