6 Blasphemous Bookmarks

Terrible tome of forbidden lore often contain blasphemous, terrible bookmarks.

By William McAusland (Outland Arts)

Use the table below, to determine what bookmarks the PCs find in the book.

  1. This dried and cured tongue smells slightly of rot and decay. A rune of death is inscribed into the tongue.
  2. A slender wafer-thin sliver of bone—perhaps harvested from some unfortunate’s leg—has intricate images of torture and death carved into both sides.
  3. A mouldering finger complete with chipped, blackened nail.
  4. A thick strip of woven hair comprising contributions from a mixture of redheads and blondes.
  5. A single softly glowing white feather of almost unearthly beauty splattered with dried blood. Perceptive PCs may suspect this feather was plucked from some kind of celestial being—perhaps even an angel!
  6. A thin silver chain affixed to a tarnished iron locket. The locket holds a minute portion of fine grey dust.

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