6 Legendary Dungeons

Some dungeon rise above their fellows to become legendary locations famed throughout the world. Perhaps by virtue of their dangers or denizens, the treasures said to be hidden within or even some unique physical characteristics these dungeons are a cut above the norm.

By Maciej Zagorski (The Forge Studios)


Such places could form the basis of legends and epic stories circulating throughout your campaign world. They could even form the basis of a long-running series of adventures. Alternatively, they could be nothing but depth and flavour—the kind of locations the party hear of while listening to a bard entertaining a tavern’s raucous patrons

Use the following dungeons to populate the legends in your campaign:

  1. Ashen Fane of the Whispering Cult:  A cult of secrets, assassination and lurking madness the Whispering Cult are much feared throughout civilised lands. They are said to lurk in a hidden temple dedicated to the god of secrets. Here they maintain extensive records of the secrets they uncover. Many lords and other powerful folk would give much to peruse these records, for in their pages lurk great power and influence.
  2. Spire of Certain Oblivion: Rising from the waves 100 miles from the shore, the Spire of Certain Oblivion is aptly named. No vessel is known to have successfully docked at the spire and no reliable reports of what lies within have ever reached civilised lands. The spire itself is an immense structure said to comprise not rock, but some form of super-hard metal seemingly impervious to the remorseless waves bursting against its flanks.
  3. Catacombs of the Sundered Pillar: These huge catacombs, arranged over four “wings” each aligned with a cardinal compass point, is arrayed about a single massive chamber. An immense pillar covered with sigils, glyphs and pictographs dominates the chamber. A century ago, something strange happened to the pillar. Now a huge crack runs through its body and the top one-third has shifted southwards by about one foot, giving the pillar the appearance of a jagged tooth.
  4. Trackless Warrens of Dol Naroth: This huge underground maze sprawls over several miles. Torturously designed to baffle the direction sense of even the canniest dwarf, the warrens have thus far resisted all attempts at comprehensive mapping. Rumours confidently assert the warrens were designed to protect the final resting place of the legendary wizard Dol Naroth who was rumoured to have mastered death itself. The warrens attract a constant stream of treasure hunters determined to locate the wizard’s tomb (and the plunder it no doubt holds).
  5. Sepulchre of Tor Baroth: Here lie the heroic dead of a long fallen kingdom of dark character and sinister origin. The heroes—a score of warriors, wizards and clerics—of the blackest hearts lie amid the faded, dusty glory of a forgotten time. Interred as the honour guard destined to attend the kingdom’s demonic lord when he emerges from the Abyss, the dungeon is a focus of many quests by ardent young paladins and other aspiring heroes. Thus far, its location remains a mystery.
  6. Ziggurat of Sorrow: Hidden in a deep cavern far from the world of men, the Ziggurat of Sorrow was raised millennia ago by troglodytes worshipping their ancient, demonic overlords. Buried within its steep sides lie countless chambers, passageways and pits. At the lowest level, a great ceremonial hall girdles an unknowably deep sinkhole dropping thousands feet into the unknown.

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  1. Yup, this is a good idea. When inspiration is lacking small abstracts like these might get the creative juices flowing.