6 Stowaways with Personality

Sometimes not everyone aboard ship should actually be on it. Folk stowaway for any number of reasons and such illicit travellers always have a good story.


Use the table below, to determine who is stowing away on the PCs’ ship:

  1. Baelulam Koehelvar (CN female half-elf fighter 1): Hiding deep in the cargo hold, Baelulam only emerges at night to scavenge for food. Several people have seen her, but in the dim light below decks, none have realised she is not meant to be onboard. Cleverly, she has cut her hair short to ape the appearance of a typical crewman and wears rough leathers of a sort sailors wear. Her success thus far has bolstered her confidence; soon she plans to raid the galley for a feast! If caught, she refuses to divulge why she has stowed away.
  2. Erfael Neblor (N male gnome illusionist 2): Erfael is on a Grand Adventure. While he has a decent amount of coin, he thought it would be more fun to hide in the hold and see if he can remain hidden for the entire voyage. Of course, he has got bored of late and is using his illusions to break the monotony. Thus, while he is around things literally go bump in the night and strange shadows linger in certain parts of the ship. Cloaked in invisibility, he emerges at night to take the evening air and to scavenge food and drink. The crew have noticed several things have gone missing, and the strange sounds have given rise among the sailors to muttering of spectral beings haunting the ship.
  3. Konal (N young male human): Konal is onboard because of one of the PCs. He’s hero-worshipped the PC from afar since he heard of the group’s exploits and dreams of becoming a powerful and famous adventurer. Before stowing aboard, he equipped himself for “adventure” with a backpack containing spare clothes along with other odds and ends, a buckler and two daggers. He’s decided to pledge his allegiance to his hero once the ship is far enough away from land. Unfortunately, although he is thin and wiry Konal has a prodigious appetite and has run out of food. Consequently, hunger will force him from hiding sooner than he would like.
  4. Anhuri Buto (CN young female human): Wild and capricious, this 16-year-old ran away from home after a blazing row with her parents. Anhuri hasn’t thought things through and while furious with her parents has just realised she has no idea where this ship is going. Although well dressed she has very little money.
  5. Giso (NG female human thief 1): A petty thief, Giso is fleeing a powerful enemy. She recently picked the pocket of an important individual and has in her possession a scroll which its owner would kill to retrieve. (Before she stowed aboard she survived one “accident” and one mugging that turned into attempted murder). Giso has short dark hair and a lively smile. She tries to hide her troubles behind laughs and jokes, but perceptive PCs may notice she isn’t telling them the whole truth.
  6. Jamir Keenear (NE male halfling fighter 1/thief 1): Jamir was a pirate until recently. The only survivor of a vicious sea battle, he had been in the water for several days clinging to wreckage when he spotted the PCs’ ship. He climbed aboard during the night and has been hiding ever since. His friendly dark brown eyes and guileless face hide a malevolence that would shock an orc. If caught, he plays on his race’s reputation for hospitality while plotting theft and murder. When the ship reaches port, he steals whatever he can before fleeing.

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3 thoughts on “6 Stowaways with Personality

  1. Nice work! This table will be handy for a sea adventure or, with a little tweaking, a Spelljammer campaign. Great work as usual!