6 Travellers to Meet in the Inn

The PCs will likely not be the only travellers resting at the inn. All manner of folk—both fair and foul—could be relaxing or seeking shelter within…


Such fellow travellers provide the GM with opportunities for world building, foreshadowing and even plot hook dangling. Use the table below, to determine which notable travellers the PCs encounter at the inn:

  1. Raereen Azariarn (CG female half-elf ranger 3) wears a wide-brimmed, feathered hat and a thick, mud-stained traveller’s cloak. By the state of her clothes and gear, she has been on the road for days (or even weeks). Raereen is a private person who does not seek out company. She is polite, but distant to strangers and is meeting a friend here at the inn in a few days. Several elven tattoos decorate her face; knowledgeable PCs know the symbols signify revenge and fire.
  2. Pekko Laso (NE middle-aged male human thief 4) is travelling with his nephew, Reko (CN male human thief 2), to a new home in a nearby town or city. The two fled their home several weeks ago after they robbed the wrong person—a person with connections to the underworld. Pekko is pot-bellied and prematurely greying while his nephew is essentially a younger, fitter—and slimmer—version of his uncle. Both wear good quality travelling clothes. A perceptive PC may notice they never let a stuffed backpack out of their sight. Both carry stout walking staves and have concealed several daggers about their persons.
  3. Samppa Ora (LE male human magic-user 5) is trying to remain unnoticed and unremarked upon. He has eschewed his usual dark robes for fine traveller’s clothes, but the faint smell of spell components—identifiable by other spellcasters—yet hangs in the air about his person. With short blond hair and pale blue eyes Sampppa appears exotic to the ordinary inn folk. He is pretending to be a merchant in search of new business opportunities and has hired a couple of servants (who are unaware of his true identity) to complete the charade. (Samppa’s purpose is to find the burial mound of an ancient king said to lie nearby; he has uncovered research suggesting certain powerful items lie within). PCs investigating Samppa’s gear might be surprised at how much arcane and exploring equipment the merchant needs.
  4. Unto Susi (CN middle-aged male human) is a wandering pedlar intent on reaching the next town or city. Uncomfortable travelling alone, he latches onto the PCs and asks to accompany them. Unto offers to help with making camp, cooking and so on as well as mending broken equipment and suchlike. He’s not above trying to sell the PCs some of his stock as well—most nights around the campfire turn into an “impromptu” sales pitch. With a greying droopy moustache and sad, doleful eyes, Unto is adept at making others feel sorry for him.
  5. Soini Torio (LN male human fighter 3) is a wandering mercenary looking for his next job. Equipped with fine scale mail, shield and a warhorse as well as several weapons Soini is a cut above the average wandering sellsword. His hard, flinty eyes have seen many horrible sights, and he’ll quick size up the PCs. He may travel with them for a while, if they are going in the same direction.
  6. Etune Highhill (CG female halfling) is travelling to visit some distant relatives. Her sister—Roylla—has been staying with the relatives for almost a year and recently her letters have stopped reaching Etune (who is understandably worried at this development). Above all else, Etune is looking for reassurance, and perhaps travelling companions. She’s never been far from home before and has only just realised how big the world is and how far she has to go. Friendly, but distracted by her worries, Etune has little to offer the PCs if they help her. She travels with her beloved mule—Surnak—who toils along on the road under a considerable amount of travelling gear.

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