8 Locals & Staff to Meet in the Inn

Few travellers’ inns stand alone in the middle of nowhere. Typically, folk dwell in the surrounds, and many of them will visit, or work at, the inn.


Use the table below, to insert interesting locals and staff into the PCs’ stay. (Keep in mind none of the regulars below has a listed trade—this is intentional so that the GM can customise the NPCs to the inn’s location):

  1. Heikki Kare (LN old male human) is grey-haired, stocky and lame. He totters about the inn with his stick, occasionally whacking—good-naturedly—at people in his way. Heikki is an excellent source of local legends, history and lore. He is, however, lonely and loves to chat with travellers. Sadly, this means the adventurers could be in for a long night.
  2. Liisa Jurva (NG middle-aged female human) loves to read, although she doesn’t have access to many books. Whenever she has a spare moment, she finds a quiet corner of the taproom and plonks herself down with a book. She gravitates to any newcomers also reading, and begs to take a look at their books. Liisa’s hair is going slightly grey, and she looks tired and a little haggard. She does not take well to comments on the subject.
  3. Juhani Ilma (N male human) is ever-cheery and loves working at the inn. He is fascinated by distant—particularly non-human—cultures and takes extra care when serving non-humans. He often besieges such customers with questions about their home, traditions, culture and so on. This lanky, brown-haired, blue-eyed youth has no intention of actually going to any of the places he hears about; his family need him here. When not at the inn, he works to support his family in another local business.
  4. Mateli Kulta (CN old female human) has been a fixture at the inn for decades. Now wizened and near-broken from a life of hard labour she spends most of her time telling everyone else what to do. Even though she has a sharp tongue, many locals love her and would not take kindly to visitors being rude to their unofficial matriarch. With her stooped frame, wispy grey hair and startlingly blue eyes She cuts a distinctive figure as she shuffles about the inn.
  5. Kaarle Mieli (CN middle-aged male human) is corpulent, unfit and a borderline alcoholic. A popular figure he is in failing health and often ill. When he works, he is always hustling for free drinks and can become a traveller’s best friend in the blink of an eye.
  6. Solalith Natityrr (NG middle-aged male half-elf) is gregarious and amiable, but chronically disorganised. Pot-bellied and short-haired, Solalith is usually encountered wearing work-stained clothes of ill cut. Despite his appearance, Solalith is comparatively wealthy compared to other locals. He works hard and is not afraid of getting his hands dirty. His wife—Rideth—is the organisation brains of the family; he would be lost without her.
  7. Sohvi Raita (CN young female human) is the daughter of one of the local families and loves working at the inn. With a shock of long, flame-red hair Sohvi is easily visible among the crowd. Sadly, she is a little forgetful and easily distracted. Her customers often go longer than others without their food or drinks. For all that, though, the rest of the staff love her; always positive and smiling Sohvi brightens all but the most miserable crowd. She is learning to sing—she harbours dreams of one day singing for the local ruler—and is easily cajoled into performing. (As a fledgeling entertainer, she knows many local legends, which may prove useful to the party).
  8. Kilbir Ovlag (N male dwarf fighter 2) serves as the inn’s bouncer. He enjoys his job and has little patience for those daring to endanger the customers or staff. Kilbir is generally in the inn during the evening—when trouble is most likely to occur. Once an adventurer, Kilbir lost his love of the life after most of his friends died in a disastrous dungeon delve. His black eyes fill with tears when he remembers his slain friends, and he is melancholy even for a dwarf. Kilbir keeps his hair cropped short, but his beard is an unruly mess.

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