8 Minor Events to Happen in a Slavers’ Compound

As the PCs explore the slavers’ compound, they will likely encounter and slay many of the foul traders in sentient flesh. They will also—likely—have many minor encounters and experiences along the way.

By Maciej Zagorski (The Forge Studios)


Use the table below, to generate details of such minor events:

  1. Guttural laughter precedes the arrival of two bored, drunk guards who have decided to visit the slave pens for some fun. They are distracted and the PCs can easily surprise them (if they are at least moderately stealthy).
  2. Screams echo throughout the compound. A slave is being beaten for some transgression (real or imagined). The beating goes on for some time; by the end the slave is badly injured (and unconscious).
  3. An unwholesome mixture of sweat, fear, urine and excrement greet the party’s nostrils. The smell becomes stronger the closer the party get to the slave pens.
  4. Screams, punctuated by the crack of a whip, shatters the air. The screaming goes on for a few minutes before gradually fading away.
  5. A faint sobbing reaches the PCs’ ears. The sobbing slowly draws closer until an elderly slave shuffles around the corner carrying two full slop buckets. Tears mist his eyes when he realises the PCs are not slavers and he begs to be rescued. He introduces himself as Milano and can give the PCs a good idea of the compound’s layout.
  6. A mixture of faint sobs and guttural laughter reaches the PCs’ ears. If the PCs follow the sounds, they discover a slaver tormenting a sobbing, cowering woman. The slaver has his back to the PCs and a whip in his raised hand. If rescued, the woman—Feridia—is grateful and desperate to escape. She sticks closely to any female PC in the party.
  7. A loud clanging—perhaps an alarm bell—shatters the relative quiet. In response, a general hubbub of shouting comes from some distant area. The ringing goes on for about 30 seconds before fading away.
  8. The sound of someone rattling the bars of their cell dimly reaches the party’s ears. The rattling goes on for some time, until a high-pitch screech ends it.

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