A Week of Updates

Blimey! It’s a week for some serious updating and news here at Raging Swan Press.

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I’ve recently updated our Pathfinder Release Schedule to list the first two months of 2016. I’ve been slaving away over 2016 for some time now and I’m delighted to be able to share those updates with you. We’ve got loads of great supplements coming out in the next few months and I hope you check them out. (I’ve even found time to write an adventure–Shunned Valley of the Three Tombs–which is in final development as I slave over this post).

System Neutral Editions

I’ve been sitting on huge news for months now as I put all the final pieces into place.

In 2016, Raging Swan Press will start releasing some of our Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Compatible supplements in System Neutral Edition versions. This is something we’ve flirted with by releasing GM’s Miscellany: Dungeon Dressing System Neutral Edition and GM’s Miscellany: Wilderness Dressing System Neutral Edition. Both books have been well received and it’s convinced me that releasing more System Neutral Editions is a good idea.

You’ll note that the main navigation menu has been redesigned to take into account our new product line. We’ve even added drop down menus to make it easier for you to navigate the site. Take a look around and see what you think.

To differentiate these new releases from our traditional Pathfinder offerings, we’ve redesigned our signature black covers:


As you can see, the new covers are tremendously yellow (we’ve obviously also removed the Pathfinder logo) to make it easy to see what’s what. Hopefully, there should be no way of getting the two lines mixed up!

To get started, we’ll be focusing on converting products that lend themselves particularly well to the process such as the Campaign Events line and the various I Loot the Body supplements releasing next year. A reworking of GM’s Miscellany: Urban Dressing is also in the works for a February release. If there are any supplements you’d particularly like to see reworked, leave a comment below.

And That’s It…

And that’s it for the moment. If you’ve got any questions about these developments, please leave a comment below and I’ll do my best to answer your question.

And finally, thank you very much for your support. 2015 has been a cracking year for Raging Swan Press. With your help, 2016 will be even better!


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