Aadam Hellikki

Wearing dirty leathers, this burly, fair-skinned man has long brown hair and hazel-coloured eyes.

Aadam Hellikki (N middle-aged male human commoner 1) works as a woodcutter in the woods to the south. In Dulwich delivering a wagon load of lumber, he is eager to conclude his business and repair to a nearby tavern for refreshment before returning home to the cottage he shares with his young family. 

Personality: A superstitious fellow, Aadam does not dare venture too far into the woods for fear of what dwells in its depth. A devoted follower of the Mother, Adam looks forward to the monthly fertility rites. (His wife is also deeply religious and encourages his participation; Aadam loves to share this fact in virtually any conversation touching on religion or the gods). 

Mannerisms: Cautious around the wealthy, nobles and adventurers, Aadam doffs his cap when speaking with such august (or potentially dangerous) individuals. Aadam speaks slowly and deliberately.

Hook: Aadam knows many tales of the southern forest and the many strange creatures said to dwell therein. He knows where both the Shunned Valley and the so-called Shadowed Keep lie and guides interested adventurers to either location for the princely sum of 3 sp a day.


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2 thoughts on “Aadam Hellikki

  1. You really made Aadam come alive! I chuckled at the emphasis he places on mentioning his participation in the monthly fertility rites. Well done, as always.