Aake Hämäläinen

A small wagon—empty but for its driver—rattles down the road. 

Aake Hämäläinen (LN middle-aged male human) runs a small haulage business. For a fee, he’ll transport you or your goods to any settlement in Ashlar. Returning from a recent job delivering wooden planks his cart is empty. 

Personality: Amiable and chatty, Aake is a friendly chap keen to earn extra coin. While not overly avaricious, he owes money—borrowed to pay for repairs to his wagon—and he is growing anxious about how he’ll pay back the 9 gp he owes. A family man, he doesn’t enjoy being away from home for extended periods. 

Mannerisms: Aake has a ready laugh, but this can be somewhat forced when dealing with (potential or actual) customers. He has a firm handshake and is exceedingly polite.

Hook: If the PCs seem tired or overburdened, Aake offers to travel with them and carry their excess baggage and possessions. He absolutely will not go adventuring; he has a family and would like to see them again—adventuring is too dangerous!


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