Aamu Ihalempi

Apothecary and herbalist, this woman serves those who cannot afford magical healing.

Plodding along this dumpy woman carries a bulging haversack over her left shoulder. She wears her brown hair in two long pigtails.

Aamu (LG middle-aged female human) is often traversing the city on the way to cure ailments, set broken bones and generally tend her charges. She is well regarded among the townsfolk. Her kind heart leaves her perpetually on the breadline, but many people owe her favours and look out for her wellbeing.

Personality: Unimaginative, but skilled, Aamu genuinely cares for her patients. The burning injustice of the rich being able to afford magical healing while the less fortunate must endure less efficacious methods of healing infuriates her. Often she charges much less than she should—sometimes excepting items in barter instead of coin.

Mannerisms: Aamu is slow to speak and carefully chooses her words. She says exactly what she means. 

Hook: Aamu is being led to her next patient, by a near-hysterical child. The child’s mother has recently fallen ill—perhaps with the plague—and the child is terrified of what might befall her family. 


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