Aamu Salme

Maid to a lord’s lady, this mousy woman hears much high society gossip.

Clad in servant’s garb, and carrying a bulging bag, this small, mousy woman casts nervous glances at many of those she passes on the street.

Aamu (N female human) is often about some task or another; she carries messages to her mistress’s friends, accompanies her on shopping trips into the city and more.

Personality: Aamu is shockingly indiscreet and loves nothing more than to gossip about the doings of the city’s high society. She is shy and easily flattered. For all that, she is loyal to her lady, and would not willingly betray her.

Mannerisms: Aamu is timid and tries to occupy as little space as physically possible. 

Hook: Aamu’s mistress is playing a dangerous game and is flirting with joining a cult that has become “fashionable” in her social circle. Aamu has been sent to retrieve certain items from a questionable merchant. She doesn’t know what’s in the bag she is carrying, but it certainly smells mysterious.


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