Aapro Jutikka

Craven, luckless clothier on the verge of bankruptcy.

Wearing worn—once fine—robes, this slender, stick-thin man has a worried look on his wan, drawn face. 

Aapro Jutikka (CN middle-aged male human) has suffered a terrible run of bad luck and now owes a substantial amount to a ruthless loan shark. 

Personality: Scared of the future—both of the shame of  impending bankruptcy and the pain he will no doubt suffer when he defaults on his debt—Aapro is distracted and abrupt of speech (unless he suspects the possibility of a sale). 

Mannerisms: Aapro licks his lips compulsively and chews on his upper lip. 

Hook: Aapro is desperate to save his business, but is almost out of money. Most of his remaining stock is of little interest to adventurers, but he does have three bolts of blue silk. They are worth 20 gp each, but he needs at least 100 gp to pay off his debt. 


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