Aatso Ihalempi

Wearing ragged, dirty clothes and nursing the stump at the end of his right arm the old beggar is a pitiful sight.

Aatso Ihalempi (CN middle-aged male human expert 1) begs by the town gates in hopes of getting enough copper and—perhaps—silver, to fund his raging alcoholism. Barely 35 years old, Aatso looks to be at least 50. Once a skilled woodworker, Aatso lost his right hand in a horrible accident a decade ago and has been unable to work since. 

Personality: Consumed by his alcoholism, Aatso will say and do virtually anything to get hold of more booze. In his lucid moments, he knows he has ruined his life and wonders what became of his wife and children. During these moments, he is inconsolable with grief and sorrow

Mannerisms: Aatso cradles his stump against his chest.

Hook: Aatso pesters the PCs for money and only gives up if threatened with bodily harm. If the PCs give him money, he remembers them well and accosts them whenever he sees them. Eventually, the PCs may see Aatso sober and learn more about his tragic past.


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