Aatso Lemmäs

Recently recovered from a horrible wasting disease, this man yet appears as if at death’s door.

Slender and wasted this man appears nothing more than skin and bone. His face is shrunken and dull red pockmarks mar his face. Deep bags lurk under his eyes.

Aatso (N male human) has recently been ill—very ill. This is the first time he has been outside in weeks, and he is still frail. His illness has stopped him working, and he has little wealth left to feed his family.

Personality: Consumed with hatred for the local clergy—they denied him healing magic because he could not pay—Aatso wants his revenge but is fatalistic—what can he do? A loving father to his three children he dreams of a better life for them. He also has a deep love of birds and dreams of soaring free high above the city like they do. 

Mannerisms: Terrible, deep hacking coughs occasional wrack Aatso’s body.

Hook: Aatso notices one of the PCs is a cleric of the religion he now hates. He accosts and loudly harangues the PC about the evils of their faith.


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