At Raging Swan Press, we believe:

  • GMs should have as much fun as the players.
  • GMs should not have to spend eight hours preparing for a four-hour session.
  • GMs should spend less time worrying about the minutia of the game and more time plotting awesome adventures and campaigns.

At Raging Swan Press, we craft GM Resources for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, 5e and all other fantasy roleplaying games designed to help you, the GM, prepare quicker and prepare better. We don’t deluge you in gobs of extra rules or options that just add complexity, confusion and bloat to the game. We simply publish richly detailed, easy to use material designed to be compatible with your campaign.

Raging Swan’s products are:

Fun, Flexible & Useful

  • Every product solves a particular problem, or gives you tools to enhance his campaign.
  • Every product is easy to be inserted into your home campaign with the minimum of hassle. While locations and NPCs are richly detailed, location or adventure backgrounds do not rely on significant historical events or deal with epic events that could reshape your campaign.
  • Every product has loads of great details you can use in your campaign even if you don’t use the whole supplement or adventure.

Quick and Easy to Prepare

  • Every product utilises a elegant, crisp and easy to use layout making preparation quick and easy.
  • Every product is printer friendly; you can print them out without cringing at the cost in ink.
  • Every product is intelligently laid out; you should never have to go looking for vital information hidden somewhere else in the module or supplement if doing so would slow down game play. Products work on a one- or two-page spread system meaning everything you need is easy to find.

Designed With You in Mind

  • Every product is designed to be fun and easy to use. It doesn’t matter how great a module or supplement is; if it is badly organised the quality of play invariably suffers.
  • Every PDF product comes in dual formats (print & screen) making it easy to use and read straight from a tablet, laptop (or even smart phone in extremis!)
  • Every product comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. Don’t like it? We’ll refund you the full purchase price or send you a PDF more to your taste.

Raging Swan Press on Patreon

Raging Swan Press is on Patreon. Among other things, we use our patrons’ support to pay our freelancers a decent wage because we believe excellent work deserves excellent pay. Please join us!


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  1. I am a GM and a budding freelance author and I was hoping to find your email address so I could contact you about titles and content you are looking for currently.

    Please contact me with details.
    Thank you

    • Hi,

      If you check out the sidebar on this page you’ll see a Contact Us section. Any emails sent through that will reach me!