Free PDFs

That’s right – you can get free PDFs from Raging Swan Press!

The process is simple and involved only two steps.

Step 1

Buy a print copy (hardback or soft cover) of one or more of our products one of the following stores:

Our print products include:

Step 2

Email us and include the following information

  • A copy of the delivery note, invoice or a picture of you happily clutching your new purchase(s).
  • Your OBS ( registered email address.
  • A list of the PDFs you’d like to get free.

You’ll get your free PDFs within 48 hours


How many free PDFs can I get?

You can claim electronic products equal in value to the $ value of the product you purchased.

How do the PDFs get to me?

We’ll email you download codes via OBS ( That way if you ever lose your copies you’re covered.

Should I tell all my friends about this awesome offer?

Yes (if you want to make them happy!)

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8 thoughts on “Free PDFs

  1. I bought a few print books of yours over on d20pfsrd, but I got them on a Christmas sale. Do I get free PDFs equal to their true $ value, or equal to the sale $ value I paid for them? Also, how does shipping $ factor in?

    • Hi! Thanks for the purchase! Go will the full $ price for the PDFs in question. Sadly, shipping doesn’t count as that’s out of my hands. If you send me your list of PDFs along with an invoice I’ll send you your PDFs after the festive break. Thanks again–and happy Christmas!

  2. Just bought my first product from you. Dungeon Dressing, as a PDF. Any chance I can get in on the free PDF offer? I am interested in what you have to share with GMs.

    • Hi Al! Thanks for the purchase.

      The Free PDFs deal is available for any of our PDFs. All you have to do is purchase a print copy of one of our books and you can then claim free PDFs up to the value of that purchase. I hope that helps!

  3. I recently purchased a copy of Urban Dressing and was looking for your email address to take advantage of the free PDF’s option (which is awesome btw!). I can’t seem to find the address listed on the site, though I am probably just missing it somewhere. What address should I use? Thanks in advance!

    • Hi,

      You can use the contact form at the bottom of the page or send your mail to gatekeeper (at) raging swan (dot) com.

      Thanks very much for the purchase – I hope you enjoy GM’s Miscellany: Urban Dressing!

      • Awesome! Thanks. I would say that GM’s Miscellany: Urban Dressing lived up to everything I had hope for! Awesome product! I love the 1st edition feel. Great info! Looking forward to more Raging Swan purchases in the near future.

        • Thanks very much Karl. Glad you like the vibe. When your campaign moves into the dungeon I’d suggest GM’s Miscellany: Dungeon Dressing for more of the same!