Working With Raging Swan Press

Talented freelancers are the throbbing heart of Raging Swan Press’s success. Raging Swan Press releases a product every week, and so we’re always looking for talented designers, cartographers and artists to join our burgeoning band.

At the moment, Raging Swan Press is not accepting unsolicited writing samples. 


Ideally, prospective freelancers are not only proficient with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, but are also skilled writers able to hit a deadline and follow a design brief.

Due to our successful Patreon campaign, we are able to offer our freelancer designers 11 cents/word for work appearing in our PDF and print releases.

At the moment, we are only looking at submissions that fit in with one of our established lines (Alternate Dungeons, Village Backdrops and so on), but if you’ve got a good idea for an instalment drop us a line.

Send Us A Sample (Closed)

If you’d like to send a sample of your work, put together ONE “20 Things” style article (such as the ones found here). If we like it, we’ll publish it here on the site, pay you for it and include it in the next 20 Things Compilation. Follow these guidelines for your article:

  • Format: .doc
  • Word Count: 500
  • Pay Rate: 11 cents a word, up to a maximum of $55, paid via PayPal on the first day of the month in which the article goes live.
  • Content: The purpose of “20 Things” articles is to include cool details based around a given subject a GM can drop into his game with minimal–or no–effort. The article should fall under the general heading of Treasure, Trinkets & Trash, Dungeon Dressing, Urban Dressing or Wilderness Dressing.
  • Include: Your physical address (I need this if I issue a contract) and your PayPal registered email address (I need this to pay you) along with a short Designer Bio I can include with the article if it’s published.

Quick Grammar & Writing Notes

  • Oxford Comma: We do not use the Oxford comma.
  • That: Normally a pointless word; if the sentence meaning doesn’t change without it, remove it.
  • Will: Normally a pointless word; if the sentence meaning doesn’t change without it, remove it.
  • Spelling: Use UK spelling.

 Artists & Cartographers

Decent artists and cartographers are always welcome to send us links to their on-line portfolios. Note, though, the style of our products apes the old school release of yesteryear. We don’t do colour and we don’t do computer-generated art. Please don’t bother sending us these kinds of art.

Freelancer Resources

I’ve created some informative blog posts for freelancers. You can read them here (and I suggest you do so if you want to work for Raging Swan Press!)

Please note: I reserve the right to delete comments that are offensive or off-topic.

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17 thoughts on “Working With Raging Swan Press

  1. Hi there. My name is Bob Greyvenstein and I illustrate fantasy art.

    On I have over 255 Credits and on (which is a recent venture: 7). I have had covers with Wayfinder, Pathway and many other publications, including last year’s cover, for the edition that was handed out at PaizoCon (that may have been under the name Bob Storrar, which was a name I used for about a year.
    I do layout (including graphic elements) and a lot of the concept work in collaborative books is mine too, depending on my interest in the project. I also write the odd Character fiction and history.

    I have a collaborative published Tarot deck with Schiffer Publishing and another due by December.
    However, the starving artist is always looking for more commissions.
    If you like what you see
    please do not hesitate to contact me for a commission or other system.
    I do have many many more illustrations, should you want to see more.

    Hoping to hear from you,

  2. Hi Creighton,

    I noticed that you have a few products on Fantasy Grounds and was wondering if you were planning on more? If so are you accepting submissions for conversion to the format used in Fantasy Grounds, and, more importantly, when are you planning on putting more there? I know your All That Glimmers would sell, as would all of your Dressing books. I am in the middle of converting All That Glimmers from pdf to a Module for my own personal use in Fantasy Grounds.

    • I already have a couple of editors I use on a rotating basis so at the moment I’m not looking to add more to the “stable”. If you shoot me an email, though, using the contact form in the sidebar I can keep your details for the future.

      Thanks for saying “hi”!

  3. Ah-lol. I’ve been sitting on a submission. Literally, when I started it you were open, two days later when I was about to submit… Darn-it! I check back here time to time.

    9 cents per word is the highest rate for RPG writing I’ve seen. I don’t doubt your swamped. And more likely because of the rate, with qualified submissions. When you open back up the submission process, I’m going to blog RSP for my submissions open feature.

    Do you need an axe man? *throws hat into the ring*

    All the best-

  4. Hello everyone at Raging Swan Press,

    My name is Leonor and I have been a DM for many years.
    I have com across your submissions page and am very much interested. Is the suspension still up?
    I would very much like to submit a “20 Things” sample.

    Thank you for your time,

    Leonor Macedo

    • At the moment, the suspension is still in place–sorry. I’m in the process of planning the 2017 schedule and when I have that in place, I’ll no doubt be open once again for submissions.

      Thanks very much for you interest in working with Raging Swan!

      • Out of curiosity, now that we have entered 2017, is there any news on the suspension? Or is it in effect at least until article 50 is activated?

        • Hi! The suspension had nothing to do with Article 50. Rather, I got deluged in submissions and just couldn’t keep up with reading them all! I still need to come up with a better system of accepting submissions, but at the moment I don’t have a solution.

          • Ah no problem. Just the way you wrote “At the moment, due to the uncertainty created by Brexit” made it seem like it was tied to that. 🙂