Languard Locations Open Call

Welcome to Raging Swan Press’s Languard Locations Open Call! The information on this page is designed to help you successfully submit your Languard Location. Read it carefully and download the LL Open Call How To and LLOC Template files.

Download: LL Open Call How To

DownloadLLOC Template

See also, the FAQ at the bottom of the page.


About Languard Locations

The Languard Locations line presents additional locations designed for use with City Backdrop: Languard. While the locations have been designed specifically with Languard in mind, they can be easily converted to a GM’s own campaign. Each instalment deals with a specific city district.


About the Open Call

Languard Locations is our newest line. Every month, Languard Locations presents 10-12 locations designed for use with City Backdrop: Languard (but which can be easily inserted into almost any fantasy city). Locations can be a tavern, inn, service, personal home or something else found in the city. 

For this open call, your location stands outside the city walls. Review the Languard map for inspiration. 

The point of Languard Locations is to make it easier and more fun for a GM to run a campaign in the city of Languard (and by extension the Gloamhold megadungeon). 

Keep the GM (and the players) uppermost in your mind when designing your location. Remember: if a location is of no interest to the PCs, why design it?

Important Dates

Your submission must be with Raging Swan Press by Monday 14 May. 

You’ll be notified by Monday 28 May of your submission’s status. At this point, if successful, we’ll also send you a contract.

If your location is accepted, we’ll pay you $42 (11 cents a word) on 1 August via PayPal.

Languard Locations: Outside the Walls releases on Monday 20 August. On this day, we’ll send successful freelancers a free copy of the book via OBS.


Behold: Languard

Storied Languard—capital of Ashlar and its greatest city—stands hard against Hard Bay’s turbulent, stormy waters. To the north lies the Mottled Spire’s brooding spray-drenched mass, the curse-haunted ruins of Greystone and Gloamhold’s doom-wreathed halls. Ashlar’s greatest—indeed only—city, Languard is a noisy, dirty place. Here, amid broad, muddy streets teeming with life and shadow-mantled, danger-filled alleyways there is little beneath the sun that cannot be had somewhere—for a price.

DownloadLanguard at a Glance

For more Languard information visit City Backdrop: Languard or Creighton’s live design of the city over on his blog.



Can I submit more than one location? No.

Can anyone submit a Languard Location? Yes—anyone can submit a Languard Location (with the exception of those who have already written for Raging Swan Press). It does not matter if you have been published before (or not). Your personal history, circumstances or anything else about you do not preclude you from submitting an entry. None of that matters. The only question is, “Can you design a thematic, flavoursome location that matches Languard’s theme?”

I have an awesome idea that utilises some non-core game mechanic. Can I submit it? Yes, but it will be rejected.

Will I get detailed feedback on my submission? To be honest, if your location is rejected probably not (but it depends on how many submissions we get). If your pitch is accepted you will get feedback.

Do you really pay 11 cents a word? Yes! Due to our patron’s incredibly generosity we can offer this exceptional (but fair) rate of pay for exceptional work. (Learn more about our Patreon campaign at

How and when will I be paid? Successful designers will be paid on 1 August via PayPal. They’ll also receive a free PDF of the book on 20 August delivered via OBS.

Can I/should I include a stat block? No—Our customers favour flavour and detail over crunch. 

I’m new to freelancing. Do you have any advice? Yes—I’ve written several articles about how to freelance successfully. They can be found on my personal blog.

Where should I ask additional questions? Leave any open call questions in the comments below. That way, everyone can see the answer!

Good luck!

Please note: I reserve the right to delete comments that are offensive or off-topic.

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20 thoughts on “Languard Locations Open Call

  1. Hi Creighton,

    Asking what may be a silly question, but have you re-opened Languard Location submissions? I noticed the open call in your navigation bar and was wondering if the opportunity was once again available. If not, I’ll be on the lookout for another at some point in the future!

    Thank you,

    • I haven’t reopened the Languard Locations open call at the moment. I will likely do so in the future, though, probably later in the year once I’ve assessed what Languard still needs!

    • I’ve nothing planned imminently, but I will do another open call at some point. The standard was really high this time and I really enjoyed reading the various submissions.

      • I so enjoyed taking part in this one. Is there a mailing list where we can sign up to take advantage of future Open Calls?

        • I don’t have a mailing list specifically for Raging Swan, but I have a general email list which I do mention open calls and suchlike. The link is just above below the article.

  2. Hi Creighton,

    I’m just reviewing my submission. The bulk of the submission is 396 words, there are 9 additional words for headers, and an absolutely amazing opening sentence of 14 words. Do I count my total as 396, or is it 419? Also if it is the former do you want me to try and trim those last 16 words?

    Secondly, do you want the author blurb to be in first, or third person?

    Thanks again

    John Whyte

    • Hi John!

      I’d count it–by the looks of things–as 396. Thank you for checking.

      As to your blurb, the third person would be great. (That’s a really good question and one I’ll add to the next open call).

      Thanks and good luck!

  3. Hi Creighton.

    I’ve been reading through the information up here about Languard and the Duchy of Ashlar. One question I’d like to pose regards the kinds of creatures live in the areas out of the cities. There’s mentions of goblins, orcs, and gnolls, but are there magical or non-magical beasts, giants, and other creatures that may not pose an immediate threat but would be found in the area?


    • Hi Brendan,

      Thanks for the question. There are no large, organised threats to the Duchy at the moment. While there are orcs in the Mottled Spire there are two (competing) dragons lurking in Vongyth to the south (see Kobolds of the Fallen Halls) or the Gloamhold Campaign Guide (page 15) for more details.

      Other than that, almost anything could lurk in the Forest of Gray Spires which lies beyond the duchy’s southern border.

      I hope that helps!

  4. Hi Creighton.

    I’ve been considering some hooks for my location for Languard. I’d like a few names for towns.

    Specifically: Is there a town or two that are about 80 to 160 miles by road from Languard? Approximate population for those towns would be 1500 -2000. Is there another large city at least 500 miles distant?

    If they are not available, I’ll just spin something else.
    Thank you very much.

    • Hi Whit!

      There are several towns in the vicinity–Dulwich and Dunstone, but neither are that faraway. If you want something further away, I’d got with Wolverton on the Lonely Coast or the pirate enclave of Deksport. All have pages on this website so you should be able to grab some info about them here. The link below has a map of Ashlar so you can see how Languard relates to Dulwich and Dunstone.

      Good luck with your submission!

  5. Since I’m out, I’ll pass this on to some friends. Glad to see you are still putting up opportunities for new blood.

  6. Hi Creighton,

    I was just wanting to know where the best place to look for further information on Serat is? I have a concept that could work but I’m wanting to do my research first.

    Also are there any names devout followers of the Mistress of Storms would be likely to call their children?

    Thanks in advance


    • Here is some info on Serat (which also appears in the Gloamhold Campaign Guide):

      CN goddess of the Sea, Storms and Voyages
      Epithets: Mistress of Storms, the Uncaring
      Symbol: A cresting wave
      Favoured Weapon: Trident
      Raiment: Green and grey robes
      Teachings: The sea and its mistress are eternal. Its waves bring life, but also death. All bounty flows from the sea, and all must return whence it came.
      Holy Text: Book of Tides
      Additional Notes: As wild and unpredictable as the sea, sailors, merchants and pirates alike placate Serat with glittering gifts to guarantee a safe voyage. Some believe Serat is the physical embodiment of the sea. Others believe she dwells in a glittering, crystal city far beneath the waves. During services, offerings are cast into the sea. Her priests are often shipwrights, navigators or sea captains.

      Regards names, none leap to mind!