Adventures & Eventures

Raging Swan Press adventures are specifically designed with three key goals in mind:

  • The adventure should be easy to prepare and run.
  • The adventure should be easy to insert into almost any GM’s home campaign.
  • The adventure should be more than just a series of vaguely-connected encounters.


Adventures by Level

All Raging Swan Press adventures come with extensive notes enabling the GM to increase or decrease the CR of each encounter by 1, making them easy to customise for different level parties.


Adventures by Terrain


Adventures by Designer




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8 thoughts on “Adventures & Eventures

  1. I am one of many DM’s that have converted to 5e from Pathfinder. However, one of the drawbacks is I have to convert your fine materials to 5e, which sort of defeats the idea of spending less time in DM prep. Have you considered converting to some adventures and backdrops to 5e? Or having conversion guides like what Classic Modules today is doing, where there is a short conversion but that the original is still needed?
    Thaks for your time and your wonderful products.

    • I have considered doing some conversions to see if there is any interest, but just haven’t had the time to hurl myself into the fray. We have started releasing some System Neutral Editions (link at the top of the page) which would be compatible with 5e (although–obviously–they have no stats etc.)

      Thanks for the kind words; I’m delighted you enjoy our products!

  2. I’m curious to know if you have considered making .pdf versions of your “crunch” material (adventures, etc.) that are 3.5 conversions, for we dinosaurs that are still using that system?

    • To be honest, I haven’t. You are the first person to ask! I am considering some more system neutral products, but I’m not sure adventures would fall under that category.

  3. I love your products, I’ve bought most of them through the Paizo website. The various towns save me so much time and I love your various lists, too. Your entire line is a massive time saver for the normal dm with little enough time to game let alone all the preparation that goes into a good session.

    The adventures are the star of your line up, though, and it has been almost a year since your last one. I was wondering if there are any other adventures planned for the near future?

    Thank you and keep up the good work

    • Thank you very much Derek for your kind words.

      I know I haven’t written a major adventure for some time. While I’ve released some smaller stuff, a decent plot or setting for a longer adventure has eluded me. Your message, though, jogged my memory about something I’d vaguely been considering last year. It looks like I need to dust off that idea and see if it will fly!