Ahvo Montaia

Seemingly with little to do, this man is often seen wandering the streets with his pet dog.

With thinning dark hair and a slight frame, this man totters along while a small dog scampers about his legs.

Ahvo (N old male human commoner 1) does not like to stay at home. A restless spirit, he wanders the city as he goes about his daily tasks. He never seems to work but always has coin. Ahvo’s pet dog is called Duke.

Personality: Gregarious and chatty, Ahvo is never in a rush and always keen to meet new people. Ahvo’s favourite topic of conversation is himself and his many aches and pains—a subject that comes up more often than not. He is unaware that other people are busy and prolongs any given conversation as long as possible.

Mannerisms: Ahvo has a seemingly inexhaustible supply of snacks and nibbles in a small pouch; he liberally shares these with any dogs he meets.

Hook: Ahvo learns much of what is going on about the city while on his daily walks. PCs befriending him (eventually) hear a rumour every time they encounter him.


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