Albin Ehtaro

Skilled scribe and bookbinder who loves performing minor magics for children and the like.

Partially bald, this short, old man sports a bushy beard that tumbles halfway down his chest. He wears a small velvet cap lowdown on his head.

Albin (N old male human wizard 1) once studied under a renown wizard but lacked the discipline and fortitude to progress in the wizardly arts. Although he failed to progress as a wizard, Albin developed a beautiful style of illuminating documents and is a sought-after scribe and bookbinder.

Personality: Bluff and hearty, Albin is always in a good mood. He loves his work and gains great satisfaction from a job well done. He is a homebody and has no interest in adventuring or furthering his magic powers with additional study. 

Mannerisms: Albin speaks in a deep, booming and animated voice. 

Hook: Albin loves to amaze children with his minor magics. The PCs spot him performing for a group of street urchins who gather around him yammering excitedly as he brings forth a variety of minor magical effects. 


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