Albin Ihamuoto

Pulling a handcart piled high with bags, broken bots of furniture and more bric-a-brac this muscular man makes slow progress down the road.

Albin Ihamuoto (NE middle-aged male human rogue 1/wizard 1) works as a rag and bone man, wandering between Ashlar’s settlements collecting broken, unwanted things—rags, broken furniture, bones and the like. Sometimes, he steals a little bit extra for himself and sometimes he uses the minor magics at his disposal to fix the broken items he collects, so he can sell them at a profit. 

Personality: Albin loves his job—partly because he loves being out and about and partly because he sometimes manages to steal odds and ends from those with which be deals.

Mannerisms: Jolly and friendly, Albin is a shrewd judge of character and appraises all those be meets; perceptive PCs meeting Albin may get the sense they are being weighed and measured by the man.

Hook: Albin is happy to stop and chat with the party, and to trade with them if they have things they want to sell. He marks them well, though, and seeks them out in the future if they appear gullible or too trusting.


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2 thoughts on “Albin Ihamuoto

  1. Interesting character! I’ll admit, I’d not heard the term “rag and bone man” before, and find it very intriguing. I’ll be using this character or something like him. Thanks!

    • If you search on the net you’ll find lots of rag and bone mad resources. They were interesting people! (And apparently, the practice is coming back in some countries).