Albin Koveri

Clad in finely tailored clothes of the latest fashion, this handsome man struts along displaying himself to all who would gaze upon his magnificence. With long brown hair, sparkling blue eyes and a strong, manly chin dusted with stubble this man is sure to turn heads.

Albin Koveri (NE male human rogue 7) stalks Dulwich looking for wealthy, gullible women to seduce, exploit and ruin. A cad and a bounder, Albin is a wastrel of the first order always on the lookout for the next pot of (someone else’s) gold. Recently arrived in Dulwich from Dunstone, Albin is already cutting a swath through Dulwich’s society. 

Personality: Obsessed with himself and too good for—shudder—a job, Albin views the rich women of Dulwich as his harem. Handsome, charming and eloquent, Albin is more dangerous than he seems. A master manipulator, and a skilled bladesman, Albin is no stranger to violence, although he favours a dagger in the back to a fair fight.

Mannerisms: Albin affects a slight lisp and overly theatrical body language, but these are but an act to beguile his prey.

Hook: Albin “accidentally” bumps into a lady on the street and knocks her over. Seemingly devastated he leaps to her assistance, helping her up and immediately offering to escort the lady home or to buy her a present to make up for his clumsiness. 


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