Albin Nousia

Fop with an inflated sense of self-worth ready to defend his honour with his trusty blade.

Beanpole thin and wearing a stupid, overly large beret-style hat this young man is clearly trying to cut a dashing figure. Tight-fitting clothes and a rapier hanging at his belt suggest this fop could be more dangerous than he at first seems.

Albin (CG male human fighter 2) enjoys strutting through town in his fine clothes. He is particularly proud of his hat which he secured from a merchant recently return from a far-off port—soon everyone will be wearing them. He would be devastated, if something were to happen to it. 

Personality: Albin believes himself to be far more accomplished with a blade than he actually is; consequently an almost otherworldly level of confidence suffices his speech and mannerisms. 

Mannerisms: Overly theatrical with his body language and mannerisms, Albin believes himself to be—and acts like—a courteous, gentleman of the streets. 

Hook: Albin has just come to the rescue of an older man being hassled by a half-dozen street toughs. Things quickly escalate, and Albin finds himself hard-pressed. The old man cowers behind him and calls out for aid.


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