Aleksi Kuutamo and his Angels

An old man, clad in ragged clothes leans heavily on a staff as he shuffles down the road. Behind him, dance two young women dressed in dirty white shifts.

Aleksi Kuutamo (N old male human cleric 3) makes what many consider to be mad prophesies which are little more the ravings of a lunatic. However, the man has gathered a coterie of followers who believe his words are divinely inspired. He wanders Ashlar’s roads and trails with his angels making prophecies and taking food and shelter from gullible peasants.

Personality: Mad as a stick, but cunning with it, Aleksi believes his words are guided by a mysterious spirit which is yet to reveal itself to him. 

Mannerisms: Aleksi capers about when making his prophecies and often screeches them aloud for all to hear.

Hook: A shrewd judge of character, Aleksi singles out the most gullible of the PCs and starts capering about and screeching about the “wings of destiny,” a “great task” and the “shadow in your past”. He is angling for food, drink and coin. Aleksi carries with him a holy object of great value (or so he says) a large (now dirty and ragged) white feather. Certainly, the feather is too large to have come from any known species of bird, but its divine provenance is anything but clear 

The Angels

Dorotea and Eeva (N female human) wear dirty, white shifts and have garlands of dying flowers woven into their hair. They are Aleksi’s angels and have good singing voices. When he prophesies they sing a wordless tune and sway as if in some kind of religious fervour (which they are). Both believe Aleksi is a messenger of the divine and are fiercely loyal to the mad old fool.


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4 thoughts on “Aleksi Kuutamo and his Angels

  1. Oh yes, I do love this one! So flavorful and useful, and I like that shades of grey here. Thanks again Creighton.

    • Excellent. Glad you liked this one, Ethan. My PCs will be meeting Aleksi soon. I wonder what they’ll make of him.