Alternate Dungeon: Frigid Ice Cave

Inhospitable, remote, beautiful and mysterious, glacial caves and icy cavern networks comprise the only natural shelters in most frozen northlands. It’s no wonder explorers are drawn to such sites when many such places have never been glimpsed by a living person. But wonder and mystery aren’t all that await adventurers in such isolated locales; natural arctic denizens (and unnatural ones too, no doubt) may be drawn to such caverns in places where shelter is scarce and the elements are harsh.

Remorhaz by Malcolm McClinton

Remorhaz by Malcolm McClinton


Though gold and riches are unlikely to await explorers at the end of the earth, adventure is never in short supply; an explorer might find anything buried in the timeless ice: rare mineral veins, primeval fossils or ancient, magical objects.

Extract: Frigid Ice Cave Dressing

  1. A powerful magical weapon or wondrous item is frozen within the icy dungeon wall.
  2. Heavy snow has accumulated on the floor. It takes 4 squares of movement to move through heavy snow.
  3. A yawning gorge splits the icy ground, spanning a depth of 2d12 x 10 ft.
  4. An adventurer’s corpse rests on a tall shelf of ice 2d4x10 ft. above the floor.
  5. Icicle stalagmites cover the floor of a corridor, creating difficult terrain (2 squares of movement to enter).
  6. An intense cold permeates a chamber, reducing the temperature by 2d10 degrees.
  7. A slow-moving waterway divides the room, slick stepping-stones providing the only way across (a DC 18 Acrobatics check is required to cross without slipping off).
  8. Cold magic is enhanced within the chamber, as the enhanced magic (cold) planar trait.
  9. Fire magic is impeded within the chamber, as the impeded magic (fire) planar trait.
  10. A maze of semi-transparent ice walls 5 ft. high makes navigating a room confusing and difficult.
  11. Chilly mist blankets an entire chamber.
  12. A small lake or watering hole comprised of pitch-dark, ice-cold water dominates the centre of the room.

Praise for Alternate Dungeons: Frigid Ice Cave

“I can’t wait to whip out this well-crafted pdf to supplement my next icy dungeon. Evocative, considerate and well-crafted as a whole and in the respective details, this is a shining example for the virtues of the series.”

–Endzeitgeist (five stars + seal of approval)

A Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Compatible GM’s Resource by Daron Woodson

Released 17 December 2015; Pages 12

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Download a Free Sample Frigid Ice Cave: An Alternate Dungeon

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