Amare Larsa

Frustrated at living and working in a strange place, this woman is ready to shout at virtually anyone.

With dusky black skin and curly dark hair this tall, slender woman appears as exotic as the sumptuous feather-fringed red cloak she wears.

Amare (NG female human) is skilled in baking the sweet cakes and pastries of her faraway homeland. She has come here at the behest of a noblewoman who desired something extraordinary for her next ball. 

Personality: Amare is a perfectionist and is growing frustrated in her hunt for the ingredients she needs for her creations. Consequently, her short temper is even shorter than usual.

Mannerisms: Amare rolls her eyes when angry and swears loudly at those displeasing her.

Hook: Amare is engaged in a blazing row with a spice merchant who has failed to find the rare herbs she needs for her pastries. She demands the return of her deposit, and the merchant refuses citing costs involving in look for the products she requires. The two might shortly come to blows.


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