Ambro Ehtaro

Spy for a bandit gang, this warrior lingers by the main gate on the lookout for wealthy travellers leaving the city without enough guards.

With a fuzzy red beard and unkempt hair, a look of the wild hangs over this short, handsome man clad in dirty, travel-stained studded leather armour.

Ambro (NE male human ranger 1) is a bandit newly come to the city to watch the comings and goings of merchants and other wealthy travellers. He hangs about the city gates, seemingly taking his ease at a local tavern. If Ambro spots a likely mark, he rushes to his horse and rides for his companions who lurk without the city.

Personality: Greedy and without empathy for others, Ambro’s moral compass—or lack thereof—perfectly suits his profession. He enjoys strong red wine, sharp cheese and female companionship. With good social skills and rugged good looks Ambro makes the perfect spy for his gang.

Mannerisms: Ambro licks his lips and rubs his hands together when thinking of easy pickings and his own enrichment. 

Hook: The PCs spot Ambro taking more than a passing interest in a fat merchant and his retainers queuing at the city gate to leave for a distant town. The caravan has but a few guards and perceptive PCs spot Ambro obviously counting the men-at-arms.


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