Ambro Hellikki

Clad in a thin and dirty red cloak and carrying a seemingly near empty pack this chain-clad warrior trudges down the road. He seems on the edge of destitution. 

Ambro Hellikki (CE male human fighter 2) flees just punishment for murder by getting as far away from his home as possible. Ambro Hellikki is not his real name; it is, in fact, the name of the man he killed given in haste and panic when the PCs asked. Forced to flee with little more than what he was carrying at the time he is manifestly not prepared for a long journey. Ambro has a chip on his shoulder and is quick to take offence at any comment about his appearance or situation.

Personality: Angry and desperate, Ambro is looking for someone else to blame for his predicament. He doesn’t see he’s done anything wrong and feels hard done by 

Mannerisms: Ambro struggles to contain his anger and frustration and speaks forcefully. If angered, he shouts and gesticulates wildly.

Hook: Desperate for food and shelter, Ambro offers to serve the party as a man-at-arms but is deliberately vague on his circumstances and the reasons why he seeks employment. 


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One thought on “Ambro Hellikki

  1. I like the plot twist with the stolen name. That could spiral into a tantalizing adventure all its own. Well done, yet again!