Ambro Tiera

Balding, with a grey moustache, this stout man has red cheeks and wears the clothes of a well-off peasant (or perhaps a poor merchant). He wears a heavy pack and leads a laden donkey.

Ambro Tiera (N middle-aged male human) travels to live with his brother after being kicked out of the family home by his wife who has found a younger, more dynamic, partner. 

Personality: Filled with bravado and—perhaps—a little overly friendly, Ambro hides his sadness and loneliness well. Ambro is stunned at how his life has fallen apart so quickly and is bitter. He wants his revenge on his wife and her younger lover and, if drunk, becomes vindictive and mean. Ambro is not a nice drunk.

Mannerisms: Ambro’s smiles and laughs are mostly forced; they are only genuine when he plots his ex-wife’s downfall and disgrace.

Hook: If the PCs seem sympathetic to his plight, they quickly find it almost impossible to shut him up. Oblivious to social niceties, his anger pours out in a stream of bile and hate. 

Ambro is a potter and dreams of being engaged by a rich patron. His search for a patron is not subtle—if the PCs seem wealthy he drops many unsubtle hints about his need for employment.


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