Amisi Kerma

Far from home, this fierce warrior-woman means to experience all the world has to offer.

With porcelain-white skin and a fearsome array of tribal-looking tattoos decorating her face and neck, this statuesque woman stands out from the crowd.

Amisi (LG female human ranger 4) hails from a distant land steeped in legendry. An adventurous soul consumed by a lust for travel and adventure she has visited many places thought by unimaginative peasants and the ill-informed to be nothing but legend.

Personality: A restless dynamism lurks with Amisi’s mighty thews. She does not like confined spaces and rarely ventures underground on her travels. She loves dancing and being outside. She also loves wine—and can put away a prodigious amount with no or little apparent effect.

Mannerisms: Amisi is seemingly ever in motion. It is rare she sits still for more than an hour or so. When she walks she does not dawdle; she strides with purpose; short-legged companions often have trouble keeping up. 

Hook: Amisi is bored and wants to get back to travelling. She might strike up a conversation with the PCs about where they have recently been, or where they are planning to go next. 


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