Megan R likes Campaign Events: Urban Riot, it’s official! Here’s my favourite bit of her five-star review:

If you have ever thought that it might be fun to have a riot in the middle of your game, perhaps disrupting whatever the party actually intended to do in town, this resource will give you plenty of ideas and, well, help your imagination run riot!

Endzeitgeist’s at it Again!

Endzeitgeist has been at it again. This time, he’s reviewed to of our newest Places of Power. Here’s what he said in his five-star review of Places of Power: Tumblestone Inn:

From the Black Tower, still standing from the original keep, to the mercenaries herein, Creighton Broadhurst proves why he’s this highly regarded – the man *KNOWS* what he is doing.

And here’s what he said about Places of Power: The Midnight Market in his five-star plus seal of approval review:

Eric Hindley’s Midnight Market is glorious: Unconventional, fun and seeded with a vast array of adventuring potential…

Happy Christmas

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Endzeitgeist has just reviewed Places of Power: The Mudded Manse and given it not only five stars but also his seal of approval! Here’s my favourite bit of the review:

When I started reading this, I realized the downright genius idea and its seamless integration into a fantastic context and knew I was hooked. Evocative, useful, unique – this has it all, and for a ridiculously fair price to boot.

Congrats Mike!

In his five-star plus seal of approval review, Endzeitgiest has this to say about Village Backdrop: Macrimei:

This is a place through which Red Sonja, Kull or Conan could have ridden – so saddle up, adventurers and get a taste of the taste of iron and spice, of dust and lotus and check out this village. If you even remotely like the genre, you will love this village…


GM’s Miscellany: 20 Things Volume I just got a cracking five-star review from Garth H (Thanks, Garth!) Here’s my favourite bit of his review:

You just can’t go wrong with Raging Swan’s 20-Things series, and this collection is proof of that. Excellent organization throughout and a DM’s treasure trove of inspiration.