Antero Ihalempi

Face pockmarked with acne, and with short cropped black hair, this slender man looks both ill and menacing at the same time.

Antero Ihalempi (CN male human fighter 3) dreams of a wife and family but is too wild and unpredictable to settle down. (At  least, he hasn’t found anyone willing to put up with him yet). Seemingly ill, but actually in fine fettle, Antero is an accomplished swordsman who favours speed over brute strength.

Personality: With a quick temper, and quicker sword arm, Antero is a hothead given to acting before thinking. He loves music and is an accomplished dancer. A native of the city, Antero has a reputation as a fighting man and often accompanies adventuring party on their expeditions. He rarely stays with one party for long. Antero rarely plans anything—preferring to deal with situations as they present themselves.

Mannerisms: Rarely still, nervous energy consumes Antero. He is often tapping or fondling his sword’s pommel. 

Hook: Antero is running out of money and needs to replenish his purse. Initially, he offers to school an interested PC in fencing but could join the party for an adventure or two. 


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